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playatrax software

Playa!TraX Media Player by SlimSlam Solutions

Remote control media player functions with any input device(gamepads, racing wheels, remote controls) with multiple configurations, also associate configurations and playlists to games and applications. Perfect For full Screen gaming or everyday use.

playatrax playa-trax media player mp3 player video remote control remote controller game pad gamepad joystick foot pedal game mp3 divx wav au aif aiff ogg wma avi qt mov

tuner software

Free Guitar tuner by GCH guitar academy

Free guitar tuner, for tuning acoustic and electric guitars, from GCH Guitar Academy. Has a selection of tones to tune from, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and pure tone. Best of all it's completely FREE.

tuner guitar tuner metronome guitar music beats 4/4 time 3/4 time 6/8 time

text software

SkimEdit by SkimSoft

SkimEdit is compact easy-to-use and the same time very fast and powerful notepad replacement. Key features: editing big files (up to 2 Gb), highlighting HTML, show special characters, convert OEM-ANSI, insert filenames from folder.

text edit notepad replacement easy txt editor note pad pads notes skimedit fast powerful notepad replacement

convert software

Convert DOC to PDF For Word by 8848SOFT, Inc

Convert DOC to PDF For Word is a Word plugin that convert DOC to PDF, Word document to PDF automatically.

convert extract create adobe acrobat plugin pdf text word doc html htm rtf excel powerpoint batch converter conversion

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