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absolute software

Absolute Pitch by Silvawood Software

A musical ear trainer that uses a unique method to help you acquire perfect or absolute pitch. You learn a particular note by listening to a random sequence that includes the note. When you are confident you know the note, you can take a test.

absolute perfect pitch learn music tutor education midi test perfect pitch absolute pitch ear ear training aural musical ear trainer uses unique method help acquire perfect pitch

random software

Random Number Generator (ActiveX) by MathTools

Random Number Generator Component is designed for researchers who wants to generate random sequence in their application with different distributions.

random random number generator different distributions beta normal binominal continuous distribution discrete distribution activex math

number software

Random Number Generator PPC by Segobit Software

Random Number Generator PPC is a Windows Mobile based software that produces sequences of random numbers. Program can exclude digits and numbers from generated random sequences. User can save results to a text file. Generated random numbers can

number random number generator number list random generator generate random numbers

 spam software

Vorras Antibot by Vorras Corporation

Vorras Antibot is an image generation program that prevents automatic form submission by robots.

spam automatic form submission robots bot image generation program prevents automatic form submission robots

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