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offline software

WebCloner by ProductsFoundry

Offline browser with advanced filter, download and search capabilities. Ideal for creating e-books or "snapshots" of entire sites.

offline explorer browser ebook e-book web cloner productsfoundry offline browser advanced filter search capabilities

sql development software

Equivalent Script by Red Earth Technologies Pty Ltd

Allows you to quickly develop a complete SQL script once, then instantly generate the equivalent SQL script for all of your database servers. Eliminates the time consuming and painful process of converting SQL scripts from one dialect to another.

sql development multisql database development multiple database servers sql script multi-sql multi-dialect sql translation sql conversion sql tool equivalent sql scripts multi sql oracle sql server access mysql database tool tool

activex software

ClearImage DataMatrix by Inlite Research

ActiveX easily and accurately reads high density DataMatrix 2D barcodes from any camera, scanned or faxed image. Automate the data capture with VB C++ or Delphi applications. High performance solution comes with FREE SDK and Consulting services

activex 2d barcode datamatrix bar code barcode recognition document data capture fax data capture image data capture document processing high density barcode tiff com activex correctly reads datamatrix 2d barcodes scanned faxed images

barcode software

ClearImage Barcode 1D Basic by Inlite Research

ActiveX easily reads Code39 Code128 Code 93 Interleaved 2of5 and 13 other barcodes from any scanned or faxed image. Automate the data capture with VB C++ or Delphi applications. High performance solution comes with FREE SDK and Consulting services

barcode barcode recognition read bar code indexing data capture code39 code93 code128 ucc128 codabar interleaved 2of5 itf postnet upc ean upca upce ean activex com

windows software

Rapid Deployment URL Launcher by

Launch all your favorite url's in the default browser with one click using Rapid Deployment Freeware URL Launcher.

windows freeware url launcher internet explorer netscape create list launch favorite urls default browser one click

watermark software

PhotoMark by Wekasoft

A professional watermark maker which can let you create and apply watermarks using your brand name, it features the ability to manipulate watermarks rapidly, accurately, and expeditely.

watermark photo copyright protect copyright grahics picture jpeg gif bitmap bmp adding watermark create apply watermark copyright pictures

doneatthingswithyourstuff software

DoNeatThingsWithYourStuff by Thistle Cottage Software

Take control with this proven, easy-to-use, award-winning program. It contains the secret to turning your collection of digital photographs and other multimedia into a well-managed, beautifully-organized system that you can really enjoy.

doneatthingswithyourstuff image viewer digital photographs multimedia player shareware file manager batch rename movies realmedia free download award-winning image viewer collection manager


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