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joe software

Joes Farm by Alawar Entertainment

Joe''s Farm is a surprisingly addictive Sokoban remake that, well, looks like anything but a Sokoban remake. Astonishing 3D graphics,

joe farm alawar puzzle classic game remake advanced alawar entertainment games

pacman software

Pacman 2 by BallShooter Games

With this game we continue Pacman series. Here you''ll find new tricky levels, different gameplay, and new graphics. If you like dot-eating games, this game will keep you playing you favorite game for another period of time!

pacman pac-man windows ce ms. pacman cd-man pda parkman ms.parkman

tetris software

Free Tetrix by AimGames

Free Tetrix is a highly advanced Tetris clone featuring advanced game play and great design. Game interface features cool graphics, awesome background sounds and an ever lasting gaming action. The game is a must have for Tetris fans!

tetris free freetetrix tetrix freeware clon old games columns color blocks pentix free tetrix highly advanced re-make world famous tetris

tiles software

Texture Maker by Reichert Software Engineering

Texture Maker is a seamless texture generator and designer. The application contains everything needed to create seamless textures for use in 3D rendering packages, game development, web graphics, image and video editing.

tiles textures backgrounds wallpaper seamless generator image processing dtp 3d rendering raytracing games development maps levels animated environment

pacman software

Ms. Parkman by BallShooter Games

This is a re-make of well-known Pac-Man game. It has a lot of improvements, such as new hi-color graphics. Also here you'll find 15 new amazing levels, where we try to keep the spirit of this immortal game.

pacman pac-man windows ce ms- pacman cd-man pda parkman its good old pacman amazing new graphics levels

cutting software

Cutting 3 by CuttingHome

Cutting 3 is a professional software package for getting perfect optimal layouts with minimal waste. Rectangular and AutoCAD parts can be used to cut. The program helps significally reduce the amount of offcuts and increase your profit.

cutting cutting cutting3 layout optimization cut software optimal cut optimal diagrams lamber sheet parts yield algorithm program nesting professional package woodworking furniture making offcut offcuts reducing waste panel

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