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drivescan plus software

DriveScan Plus by diginvent

Scans and structures your collection of CDs, DVDs, floppy disks, hard disks etc. with Audio-CD support and allows you to search the whole database in seconds. Navigate through the folder- and file structure of all your media!

drivescan plus scan medium media scan cd-rom dvd hard disk manage media archive database cd-catalog for windows scans structures collection cds dvds floppy disks hard disks

3d software

3DSpins! for Macintosh by The Foundation Company

Tired of killing slimy aliens and blow up zombies? Do you want a new gaming experience? Try 3DSpins! now! Exercise caution as you move your spinning top , jumps over platforms, fires radio-controlled missile through a beautifully rendered 3D maze.

3d arcade action puzzle maze pacman pac-man pac man spins 3dspins the foundation company tfc

game software

Mindgames by Mindgames

An eclectic collection of games to pass the time and challenge the mind. Mindgames is composed of card, board and miscellaneous games that are primarily puzzle based and varied in objective.

game mindgame puzzle card board freecell ludo mendicot 1check abalone dodge hex mutorere mastermind lls nim tangram challenge fun strategy depth intellect intelligence arrange sort sudoku crossword

cards software

LineUp by Lazy Dog Software

Score "LineUps" of 4 of your pieces in a row up/down or left/right. Play a card to claim an empty piece on the board. Blue Joker allows you to claim any open space. Red Joker allows you to remove any opponents piece.

cards lineup score lineups 4 row down left right jokers allow add remove

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