Realmagic Software

universal software

uICE by MediaTexX

Control and automate your system with handheld remote controls or multimedia keyboards. Use your computer as a hifi rack with Winamp, watch TV/DVD or give your business presentations the extra touch - controlled with your remote control and uICE!

universal infrared remote control winamp irman hauppauge wintv creative live-drive livedrive rm-900 audigy audigydrive irman uir winlirc hollywood fast media anir logitech ast multimedia keyboard

digital photo software

Photo Name Changer by USINGIT.COM

The easy way to rename and manage digital photos. With this very easy to use tool, you can say bye-bye to the days that you have to face a lot of unmeaningful DSCxxxxx filename of photos.

digital photo jpeg jpg easy way rename manage digital photos

relay software

RelayTCP by DLC Sistemas

Relay TCP is a program that allows redirection of TCP/IP sockets stream data to an specific IP address and port. It works like a repeater that gets all data received by the origin port and sends it to the destination.

relay ip port socket forward wrap proxy

com software

ADEX Shares by Vyapin Software Systems Private Ltd.,

ADEX Shares is a COM component for VB / ASP

com component adex shares com component vb asp

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