Referrer Software

log software

Advanced Log Analyzer by Abacre Corporation

This powerful web site traffic analysis software produces a lot of statistics like visitor paths and patterns, web models, referrer sites, hits and hosts per day, visitor counter, most popular search engines and keywords. Easy to use, very fast.

log analyzer statistics web server site traffic file apache iis internet information stats cgi console reports perl windows tracker website analysis hits visits remote monitor

apache software

Xlogan by Axe Software

Easy-to-use web server log file analyser for Apache-format log files, with integrated FTP browser and support for .gz compressed files. Reports visitor numbers and countries, referrers, browsers, downloads and search terms.

apache log analyser analyse analyzer analyze easy-to-use web server log file analyser apache-format log files

referer software

Logalizer Pro by AM Software

Powerful tool for HTTP server log analysis, it allows you to load the log file using a filter, collect referrer and visitor statistics, sort the documents requested, create html and plain text report pages, launch selected links and more.

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weblog software

WebLog Manager Pro by Monocle Solutions

WebLog Manager Pro lets you create your own custom web visitor tracking system. Track standard log information, referrering sites, browser type etc. Includes an E-Commerce Tracker identifies referring sites for purchasers. Track visitors by us

weblog tracking visitors referrers ip address webtrends trend weblog manager pro create custom web visitor tracking system

asp fusion software

advHTTP by Advanced Communication

The component provides you complete client for HTTP protocol. It allows you to perform standard get and post methods of HTTP.The component is very easy to use and is more flexible for implementing client for HTTP.

asp fusion aspfusion asp fusion components advhttp

logfile analyzer software

Site Sleuth by WebGenie Software Pty Ltd

Find out to which pages your visitors are going and optimise your site design and layout to attract your target market. Market and manage your website more efficiently and effectively.

logfile analyzer site statistics traffic count website traffic site access analyze log files report easy understand format

site tracker software

Site Tracker by WebGenie Software Pty Ltd

Monitors the traffic from search engines and other sites. Doubles as an invisible visitor tracking system to determine the origin of sales. Daily report in your mailbox.

site tracker track url monitor traffic monitor cgi counter site access statistics click through search engine traffic access log search terms keywords monitor visits search engines other third party sites

robots-txt software

Robot-Manager by Website Management Tools

Manage and track visits by robots, spiders and crawlers to your website. Identify which spiders visited, when they visited, and what pages they indexed. Direct spiders to your most important pages, and exclude them from non-public pages. Easy to use

robots-txt robot spider crawler log file log file analysis log file analyzer search engine optimization seo spider tracking referrer logs identify which spiders visited website pages indexed

internet software

AtomicLog by TIFNY

AtomicLog makes it easy to monitor and control your Internet activity. The easy-to-use graphical interface lets you merge historical and real-time usage. Stops spyware, filters out unacceptable web sites, and blocks annoying advertisements.

internet monitor filter adwasher block dns http real-time web page site traffic analyzer access log hosting free software domain ftp bandwidth firewall whois dns

delphi software

THttpScan by DataStead

THTTPSCAN VCL component for Delphi or C++Builder recursively analyses HTML pages and reports the links it finds. Links appearing several times are treated only once. Real concurrent downloads.

delphi component internet html links link extraction recursive analysis html pages search links site search thttpscan vcl component recursively analyses html pages reports links


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