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splitter software

SplitMe by DoubleR Software

SplitMe, is an universal binary file splitter and self-rejoin exe generator. Meaning that you may split any file type into smaller pieces in order to fit on floppy, cdrom, e-mail or other media type which size is smaller than original file size.

splitter file auto rejoin binary split splitme universal binary file splitter self-rejoin exe generator

file software

File Splitter Deluxe by SoftDD

Split any type of file, then easily rejoin without this software. Also shows you available RAM memory, available SWAP file size, and even allows you to print folder contents.

file split splitter splitting file splitter file splitting split files filesplit split backup combine zip split type file then easily rejoin without software

split software

File Split Stream by Oma Penny

Small utility to split or join files with any size. Very easy to use, utilizing drag and drop. You can also create batch file to rejoin the files. No installation is needed.

split join stream fast file fast file split join utility

tool software

Smartcopy by Shareware Hangvogel

Small DOS and Windows tool to copy any big file from one PC to another via splitting to (floppy) disk drive or any directory.

tool utility split break copy safe safeguard big large file dos windows crash email attachment piece pieces safety

chat software

ircA Service by Digital-W Soft

ircA Service is a simple Windows NT service that stays connected to IRC. ircA Service imitates a bot that does nothing. It has basic instincts: stays connected to IRC while your computer is logged off, reconnects on disconnextion.

chat bot bots dll irc mirc plugin bot irca service simple windows nt service stays connected irc

irc software

.IRC by JoHeR

Full Featured Windows .NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support including Multi-Servers, SOCKS4-5/HTTP Proxy, Notify/Ignore/Tree/Browser/Files/Transfers/Raw/Events/URL windows, Full Layout/Color/Font Customization.

irc chat ssl full featured windows net irc client built-in ssl crypted irc support

defragmentation software

O&O Defrag Professional Edition by O&O Software GmbH

The new O&O Defrag V6.5 Professional Edition activate performance you thought was lost forever - quickly and reliably.

defragmentation tool for windows nt-2000-xp defragmentation tool which activates performance thought lost


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