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hard disk software

DriveSitter by

IDE hard disk drive diagnostic and monitoring tool based on S.M.A.R.T. Up to 130 advanced HDD details, up to 30 health related attributes per HDD and temperature. Forecasts up to 70% of all sudden HDD failures.

hard disk hdd crash failure bad sectors temperature recovery scandisk checkdisk doctor diagnostic utility status s-m-a-r-t smart reliability monitoring health malfunction prediction

activity software

Activity & Expense Tracker Plus by SpiritWorks Software Development

This free trial software includes a Time Management Tool that helps you to keep track of all your projects and their related tasks and expenses. Also includes Invoice, Contact, Schedule, Task and Password Trackers and a Calculator. For Mac & Wind

activity expense task invoice contacts password productivity shareware pim time timesheet calculator time management tool tracks projects tasks expenses invoi

download software

Clever Internet Suite 33 by Clever Components

Download, upload and post the Internet-resources asynchronously and obtain all related information without interfering with main application processes. The set of e-mail components can connect to mail servers via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) channel.

download upload http ftp https ssl smtp pop3 mime gzip zlib secured component post delphi internet

ftp software

AbleFtp by Hitek Software

Ftp client with a difference. Designed primary for automation of ftp and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly.

ftp automate schedule task scheduler zip copy delete ftp client designed automate schedule various types ftp tasks

passwords software

Any Password by RomanLab Software

Any Password is an easy-to-use tool that lets you store all your passwords, user IDs, and related information together in a safe place. The program supports tree-type data structure, password generation, incremental search, import and export of data.

passwords logins manager pim store keep encrypt protect generate security store passwords ids related information together safe place

activity software

Active Work Tracker by Brigsoft

It is a PC events tracker that surveys the time you spend working on your PC. Results are shown as an activity chart and a statistics report. Also the program can remind you to do regular breaks for preventing computer-related tiredness.

activity labour labor hours working time productivity health healthy mouse key keyboard events statistic statistics break startup resident pause home business project plan

motivational software

Sports Motivational Messages Screensaver by Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpaper

The Free Sports With Motivational Messages Screensaver displays 36 amazing and stunning sports related images each with a motivational quote. These are some of the most incredible and motivational images you may ever see.

motivational motivating inspirational sport basketball football golf baseball swimming athlete athletic screen savers screen saver screensavers screensaver desktop enhancements

calendar software

Break Memo by

BreakMemo(tm) is an office program that has 2 functions to improve the efficiency. 1. take breaks to prevent computer related injuries 2. take memos to record daily office events in the calendar

calendar reminder break memo office oos rsi computer injury eye timeout interval rest health breakmemo tm take break memo improve office efficency

mathematic model software

Micro Economy Model by

The idea of this model is to understand the behavior of the variables related with a micro-economy, a company trading products and or services. For doing so, these variables are turned into mathematic equations that show us an instant moment

mathematic model economic model micro economy economy economics marketing simulation software studying price-demand income cost benefit behavior

animals software

Cats and Quotes Screensaver by Scenic Reflections Screensavers and Wallpaper

The Free Cats and Quotes Screensaver displays 55 images of some of the most adorable cats you may ever see - each with feline related quotes! This screen saver also features three beautiful, CD-quality musical compositions and wallpaper support.

animals cats felines animals screen saver screen savers screensaver screensavers desktop enhancements 55 images beautiful cats feline related quotes cd-quality music


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