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copy software

CopyProjectLite by GridLinx Software

Copy Your VB Project to a New Location. All project files and related docuements are copied to the new directory. Use to create new projects based on old projects, back up your projects, get only the files actually used in your project.

copy vb project copy vb project new location

sport software

Super Sports Stats by Oleg Marin

A set of Perl scripts designed for sports games results (and other game related data as well) processing for various statistical and analytical purposes (grouping, calculating of various statistic coefficients).Creates almost ANY kind of stats.

sport sports stats statistics basketball baseball football hockey soccer matchup scores odds picks sides totals line games results sportsbook bet betting wager wagering book

trooper software

Trooper by SRT Enterprises

Trooper (tm) allows BSA Scout troops to easily track their troop members' personal information, advancement, attendance, leadership, payments, medical information, vehicles, and more. A special section contains links to other Scouting-related sites.

trooper boy scout scout scouting bsa srt enterprises boy scouts track troop management advancement manage merit badge rank attendance training award oa order of the arrow

aircraft-planes software

Aviation Photography by NexusMedia

33 professional aviation photos. Use this versatile screen-saver engine which rotates 33 photos of aviation related photography and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effects

aircraft-planes jets fighter-military aviation slideshows photography nexusmedia 33 professional aviation photos

time series software

Caterpillar by GistaT Group

The program is based on the powerful model-free method of time series analysis "Caterpillar" (another name is SSA - Singular Spectrum Analysis). The result of the "Caterpillar" processing is a decomposition of the time series into several components.

time series trend periodicities seasonalities noise smoothing time series analysis statistics statistical software principal component analysis time series decomposition singular value decomposition svd time series reconstruction program singular spectrum analysis ssa one-dimensional time series

ebook software

Electronic Story Collection by E-dition

A collection of amusing and inspirational stories and poems, gleaned from email correspondence. A safe way to enjoy email. No need to log on, just open the pages and you are ready.

ebook fun jokes poems email quiz stories email enjoy collection amusing inspirational stories internet

clinton software

Starr Wars by RI Soft Systems

This parody screensaver finds Clinton set as master Lewd Thighstalker who must battle the evil empire and free Princess Lay-ya (played by Monica). May the Farce be with you!

clinton screensaver riss humor president star wars hilarious clinton parody screensaver may farce be

netaccelerator software

NetAccelerator by IMSI

The first real-time browser accelerator to cache both graphics and text

netaccelerator imsi browser best way go faster internet

print management software

Print Logger Pro by Handy Software Lab

Print Logger - program for the accounting of use of the printer for a Windows NT platform. Represents native Windows NT service with the remote management program.

print management total cost of ownership network printing audit print cost recovery printing management printing control print manager printing security print tracking printer management quota manager printer monitor print control print software tracking printer management software printer accounting server print cost recovery cost recovery system quota management print quota

asp software

MetaFiler by WebSupergoo

Metafiler lets you create file metadata and store it with the file. The information moves with the file and independent of the file name so you never need to worry about losing or mislaying it.

asp vb activex file utility metadata high speed metadata store


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