Reliability Software

backup software

WinBackup 1.86 by Uniblue Systems

The backup and recovery solution that awards 100% reliability and superior performance at a click of a button.

backup easy backup backup restore save data save files backup performance backup reliability winbackup 1 86 backup made easy

backup software

WinBackup 2.0 Professional by Uniblue Systems

The business backup solution that guarantees 100% reliability and superior performance, while minimizing total cost of ownership!

backup easy backup backup restore save data save files backup performance backup reliability winbackup 2 professional backup made easy

home software

Home finance by Lab-1M

"Home finance (professional vers.) is the right power tool either for your home accounting or your business financial management, as well. It combines at once reliability, simplicity and the highest flexibility while you're arranging own cashflow."

home finance budget personal outlook home finance professional

native software

Luxena Informix Data Access Components by Luxena Software Company

allows you create Informix access applications in common BDE fashion. IDAC ensures reliability as well as usability. It is excellent for BDE migration and for rapid client-server and/or n-tier development. IDAC is very good BDE and ADO alternative

native informix api direct access query execution break bde ado alternative migration easy deployment shareware delphi c-builder component components vcl borland dbaware db-aware data-aware data

monitoring software

Overseer Network Monitor by Sensible Software Solutions

W2K network monitor providing easy installation, MMC configuration, and runs as a service to provide rock-solid reliability. Monitors websites, network devices, servers, services, and notifies administrators via Email, pager, cell phone, or net send.

monitoring network system service http ping website notification notify pager email cell phone w2k network monitoring tool configured via mmc runs service

ftp server software

Gene6 FTP Server by Gene6 SARL

Gene6 FTP Server is a professional Windows FTP Server featuring speed, reliability and customization. Its main assets are remote administration, encrypted (SSL) connection, and ease of use.

ftp server secure ftp server ssl gene6 ftp server g6 ftp server remote administration host files gene6 ftp server professional secure windows ftp server

download manager software

GetGo Download Manager by GetGo Software

With our unique plug-in based program architecture and easy to use interface, you'll be able to download all of your favorite videos, programs, and music up to 300% faster that you're used to, with the reliability of auto-resume and virus checks.

download manager accelerator getgo internet download manager increase speed downloads 300% get getgo get

defrag software

Bit Mechanic by Binary Arts, Inc.

Bit Mechanic® is the fastest, easiest way to increase the performance and reliability of your PC. With no advanced or technical knowledge required, Bit Mechanic will speed up and clean up your PC.

defrag scandisk system mechanic windows utility increase performance increase speed download software automating scheduling expands duplicate file computer problems powerful defrag scandisk disk cleanup manager

offline software

Xpride TakeIt! by Xpride

Xpride TakeIt! is an extremely convenient application designed specifically for downloading sites. You can save a site to your hard disk with just four clicks. Elegant appearance, reliability and speed are the distinctive features of our program.

offline browser web site downloader site downloader download manager web spider easy-to-use tool provides fast site copying offline browsing

crm software

Platoo-Contact by Vesiiri Konsultatsioonid

Platoo-Contact is fast and powerful CRM software, that lets you and your company manage all the business contacts and activities you need. Based on client-server architecture, that assures speed, power and reliability.

crm information contact client customer manager organizer database planner survey pim multiuser crm software based client-server architecture


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