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Great Artist- Rembrandt by NexusMedia

Put a little culture on your screen. Rotate 35 of some of Rembrandt's greatest works. Artistic faded backgrounds work to bring out the colorful originals with captions about the art and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes.

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cryptosystem software

SafeCryptor by GemiScorp

SafeCryptor is the encryption system where your own computer is your unique key. SafeCryptor lets you securely and quickly send all of your sensitive and personal information via e-mail or chat session to your partners, customers, friends or family.

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create ebook software

EbookMaker by AntsSoft

As a professional Ebook compiler software, EbookMaker compiles HTML files and included image/audio/video files into standalone .EXE file. It offers features to meet any custom need of Ebook author for user interface, functions, and content protection

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mozekty software

Mozekty by InfraDrive

Mozekty is a free fast tool to play, record and share your audio streams, podcasts and RSS feeds for blind and visually impaired users, you can also get a list from of latest radio stations on the internet and save your favourite stations.

mozekty music song play stop pause stream station radio podcast

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