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date software

Date Wizard by Mountainside Holdings

DateWizard is a small reminder program for all those meetings, birthdays etc.

date remind birthday remember pop-up australia shareware datewizard small reminder program those meetings birthdays

reminder software Secure Reminder by

Reminder program for Windows desktop. Computer reminder with various alarms.

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rsi software

SoundBreak by The Lost Continent of

Helps prevent OOS injuries by unobtrusively playing sound files of your choice

rsi oos safe computing break sound helps prevent oos injuries unobtrusively playing sound files choice

task scheduler software

AlarmWiz by AcroVista Software

Powerful reminder and task scheduling program.

task scheduler reminder program alarm clock system scheduler automation automation software atomic clock scripting system scripting powerful reminder task scheduling program

reminders software

Reminders For Real People by Real People Software, Inc.

Schedule reminders and alarms! Never be late again.

reminders free schedule schedule reminders alarms never be late

event software

Easy Time by Ing. Tomas Koutny

Use diary, set events/reminders and synchronize time in intuitive manner.

event diary ole rich edit link note notes alarm clock watch desktop time date reminder synchronization time synchronization taskbar cuckoo date chime timeserver time-server rawos tomas koutny

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