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catalog software

Where Is It? by Robert Galle

WhereIsIt? is a media cataloging software for Windows 9x, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, or XP. It takes snapshots of your floppy disks, CD-ROMs, removable drives etc, and allows offline browsing, searching, reporting and organizing your collection.

catalog disk media collection catalogue database find organize list description thumbnails cd-rom removable archive image picture browse search compare report documents mp3 cddb id3 plugins

document software

Archivarius 3000 by Wizetech Software

Archivarius 3000 - is a full-featured application to search documents and e-mail on computer, local network and removable drives (CD, DVD), with quick review and documents printing tools, remote searching and accessing via Internet functions.

document search full-text pdf index engine html outlook archive full-text searcher documents e-mail five languages

desktop software

Lockdown Plus PC by Y0YS Software

Lockdown Plus PC is a network-based desktop security utility to secure Windows-based computers. It can restrict access to files, folders, local and removable drives, as well as lock down various system settings and resources over network.

desktop security network administrative utility lock drive file folder password profile usb school computer

spyware software

Adware Killer by East soft inc.

Free Spyware and Adware Detection & Removal Software. Adware Killer detects and remove a multitude of spyware, adware, Trojan horses, keyloggers, and trackware components, sources of irritation that many antivirus products do not deal with.

spyware adware removal tool

password manager software

Paloma by LittleLite Software

Paloma, the password repository, provides rock solid passwords protection with no underground unknown processes and absolutely no interference with other programs. Easy to use with its "bookmarks like" tree passwords organization.

password manager password repository security clipboard passwords des 3des blowfish arc4 aes rijndael

spyware software

System Sentinel by Oversight Technology Corporation

Safeguard against spyware, adware, malware, trojans, keyloggers, hijackers and more. Puts an entire network of protection hard at work defending each user. Also optimizes registry, scans for harmful cookies and even, protects removable drives.

spyware antispyware adware keylogger spyfalcon adware registry cleaner hijacker trojan

organizer software

Doc Organizer by RomeXoft

The program systematizes your documents, files and folders by categories, regardless of their type. To add any documents and whole folders to the program, simply drag it by mouse and drop into needed category! You can add hyperlinks as well.

organizer catalogue cataloguizer systematization document file cataloging

encryption software

Whitenoise Computer File Security by Whitenoise Laboratories Inc.

Simply point and click to secure files on your computer''s hard drive with lightning fast Whitenoise encryption. Computer File Security is 35-50 times faster and more secure than any comparable product.

encryption security file security network security whitenoise computer file security hard disk encryption usb authentication authorization

usb software

MobileDriveSync by Capturix Software Technologies

This software ables user to keep files updated and synchronized between the computer and the usb removable drive, you can work on the USB drive anywhere and when you connect the drive the files will be synchronized keeping the copy on the local pc.

usb drive synchronize files folder explorer organize compare removable disk zip jaz mo letter automatic

editor software

MagicMedia by PeakStars

Share images and files with family and friends through the internet. Powerful and easy to use thumbnail explorer, featuring enhanced multimedia capabilities. Protect your private data both with passwords and the MagicMedia powerful Stealth Mode.

editor imageeditor image digital camera thumbnail explorer navigator privacy playlist slideshow share files images remote


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