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thinking software

Buckets by Good to Think

Buckets is a sorting game in which objects must be sorted into two or three buckets. It requires flexible thinking rather than knowledge of trivia.

thinking classification puzzles sorting trivia knowledge sorting game requiring flexible thinking rather than knowledge trivia

arcade software

Doctor O's Monkey Masher by James Gugenheim

A fast paced arcade game that pits you against the mashers of Doctor O's diabolical machine. To survive you must make your way through hundreds of levels filled with dangerous mashers that change in speed, direction, and orientation.

arcade monkey original masher doctor fast-paced action domm smasher original arcade game requiring split second reactions thinking

ball software

Alhademic Balls by Alhademic Group

The small set of three arcade-logic games, where main rule is to make a wise and fast resolves. In a brief, your tasks are: clearing a board via placing balls nearby; getting lines of three balls via swapping two balls.. NEW - Topchart listing!

ball balls caving swapping knight path small set three arcade-logic games requiring wise fast resolves

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