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mp3 software

MP3Detective by Chequers Software Limited

Powerful PC search program for MP3 music. Simultaneouly searches multiple drives and directories. Default jukebox plays results. Create sorted Text or HTML lists of all MP3's. Includes a Favorites list, color schemes, Tag file editor. Brilliant.

mp3 search tag editor find manage favorites list maker songs mp3 pc search engine list maker tag editor favorites music manager

excel software

Portfolio Optimization by Excel Business Tools

The Portfolio Optimization model calculates the optimal capital weightings for a basket of financial investments that gives the highest return for the least risk. Results display action required and probability analysis through Monte Carlo simulation

excel portfolio optimisation optimization management asset allocation personal wealth fund management sharpe ratio risk optimal weightings return capital allocation analysis business

worship him software

Worship Him! by Freedom Software

Worship Him is a full featured song presentation program for churches. Features include dual display support, usage tracking, messages, fully customizable display engine, full search capabilty with "select from results", operator notes, and more.

worship him song presentation church worship music multiple monitor freedom software lyric projection worship religious full featured song presentation program churches supports multiple monitor

keno software


For the player of KENO (4/70, 5/70, 6/70, 7/70, 8/70, 9/70, 10/70) and BANCOJASS this program has wheeling systems . The program can print directly the ticket and has a module that shows rapidly the number of good results in each boards

keno wheels wheeling loto wheeling systems keno bancojass games

best buy software

Best Price by Winshare

Best Price enable consumers to search the Internet for any product or service without having to visit a single website and receive search results by the lowest price.

best buy best price comparison shopping price comparison compare prices bargain save money compare prices mysimon dealtime cnet pricewatch simultaneously

hydraulic software

Flow Pro by ProSoft Apps

Designs waterways and channels. Graphical and easy to use Enhanced Plotting Features Report Ready Results Supports both English and SI (metric) units Handles circular, trapezoidal, ushaped, and tubular channel shapes

hydraulic design waterways channels slope critical sub super mannings designs waterways channels

free software

newsparrotv4 by james hyland

NewsParrot. Trawls for free open news servers, tests for speed, the number of Newsgroups and artical density, before enabling the user to browse the results in a default news reader.

free open news server tester trawler newsparrot trawls news servers tests speed newsgroups artical density

meta software

Foboz - Meta Search Engine by MarsJupiter LTD

The Foboz Meta Search engine allows you to search many different web search engines at once and will remember your results. You can search the whole web or for specialist items such as books, computer games or health information.

meta search engine multiple search several search engines 100s engines known foboz

html software

Happy Harvester by HappyHarvester

Happy Harvester is an advanced tool that extracts data from web pages on the internet and can be used to extract descriptions, names, titles, prices, stock data, etc from business directories, forums, search engine results, etc.

html parser harvest harvester e-mail extract mail email addresses addres ripper descriptions names phone numbers query web datab

mathematical calculator software

MathStudio by

A big difference this program has among ordinary calculators is that this program enables you to see simultaneously each element involved, checking it?s resolution step by step, verifying it?s results, reducing the possibilities of making mistakes.

mathematical calculator equation solver step by step calculator educational math math function math equation solve math equations solve math functions math studio equation solver step step solve mathematical equations steps


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