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hard drive search engine software

The Sleuthhound by iSleuthhound Technologies

Fast document search system; operates like a web search engine on your hard drive. Create search zones, enter keywords with results instantly displayed. Documents are listed browser style. Configure program to use European languages.

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search software

Arrow Search by RT Software

Search the top search engines simultaneously. Fast, easy-to-use and free. Removes duplicate results across search engines. Features a built-in browser, automatic updates of search engines and Arrow Search Toolbar for IE. Full help is included.

search meta meta search metasearch freeware program programs engine engines search engine search engines simultaneously desktop tool tools utility utilities web internet

survey software

SurveyGold by Golden Hills Software, Inc.

A complete software system for building and then administering surveys and exams then analyzing their results. Use it to create and conduct exams or surveys over the web, over the phone or with a printed questionnaire form.

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file search software

Effective File Search by SOW

Search any files on your computer or local network. Search filters include date and size, containing text or hexadecimal codes. You can use Boolean operators to perform multiple keyword searches. All results can be saved to file. Many other features.

file search search engine text search hex search find file management explorer search files computer local network effective

cvs software

EyeShield by Nimble Software

Providing good vision for computer employees makes economic sense. It results in increased work efficiency and happier, more comfortable employees. It is a win-win proposition for employers to provide eye care for computer workers.

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translator software

Im Translator for IE by Smart Link Corporation

With Im Translator you can enter multilingual text, check it for correctness, adjust unreadable messages, translate in different languages, print results and send email.

translator translation translation software spanish translation russian translation german translation french translation language translation translate im translator ie set web-based multilingual communication tools

calc prompter software

Calc Prompter by SoftAddress

Calc Prompter is an expression calculator. Calc Prompter has a built-in error recognition system that helps you get correct results. With Calc Prompter you can enter the whole expression, including brackets, and operators.

calc prompter calcprompter calc calculator softaddress soft address expression arithmetic mathematic math education desktop handy soft easy to use algebra numbers operators business finance useful

search software

Search Launcher by NetStarlight Software

Launch searches and highlight search results directly from your desktop without the need of going to the search sites first. Stand-alone application, supports unlimited search sites and is compatible with all browsers. Easy-to-use. Free try!

search searches searching launch launcher search toolbar deskbar highlight keyword search term launch searches highlight search results directly desktop

dacris software

XMark by Dacris Software

XMark is a performance-testing program. It tests the speed of all the components inside your PC. You can also optimize your system for optimal performance and compare your results to other users through an online result database.

dacris benchmark system diagnostic performance test speed tweak optimize computer compare report hardware analysis evaluate stress results remote distributed

web software

Music Transformation by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd.

Music Transformation is a software module that allows the user to transform music Music octave and tones segments up to 1/64 tones of any WAV file it helps you change any music or vocal creation and save the results in WAV files, for special effects.

web component chat forum shopping cart asp -net shareware developer tool e-commerce pitch design audio music cd record sound


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