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Speed Processor by Voice Imitation & Recognition Ltd.

proffessional tool that shift music speed and pitch in real time , high performance and quality for music composition and effect creation. You can play WAV file from PC Hard disk or direct from CD Tracks , and save the results.

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multimedia software

medi@morph by Anetac Software Solutions

A media file processing tool which outputs results in the Motion JPEG video editing format.

multimedia software video editing tools media authoring tools motion jpeg audio effects camcorder digital camera picture phone

wincup software

Wincup by Peter Bernhardt

WinCup managed Sport-Leagues e.g. Soccer, Foot- Hand- Volley-ball, Chess, Tennis, Dart..., 2-24 -incl. uneven- Clubs, 3/5-set-League, Free Pointsystem (3-1-0 ect.), TOTO-Tip, Total- Home- Outward-Wide-Tables, all Results from 1.Bundesliga since 1963.

wincup universal league management ball sports soccer tennis fussball handball volleyball table uneven clubs 3-sets 5-sets matchpoints dart place toto-tips eternal fevercurve up-down-riser victory 2-24

ping software

Konst Pinger by VisualSoft

Konst Pinger is a program for ping and trace internet host. Ping host that you choice. Show results in graph mode. Change delay time for pinging. Store hosts in a file. Minimized to system tray and background mode ping. Trace route to host.Whois.SMS

ping trace host time internet whois program ping trace internet host also whois support

sports software

The League System by John Messingham

This league management software has been designed to help League/Tournament Managers setup and track the results of matches. Using the system will enable you to produce various reports.

sports soccer football league management reports leagues sports league management

webcloner software

WebCloner Professional by ProductsFoundry

Download entire sites using advanced URL, location, size and file format filters.Export results into ebooks, folders, CHM or ZIP files

webcloner offline explorer browser ebook creator generation e-book web cloner productsfoundry entire sites export results ebooks folders archives

multimedia software

MJ Pegger by Anetac Software Solutions

A media file conversion tool which outputs results in the Motion JPEG video editing format.

multimedia software video editing tools media authoring tools motion jpeg audio effects media conversion camcorder digital camera picture phone

lotto software

Lotto Hat by Lotto Software Lotto Hat

Lotto Hat is lottery program that attacks the lotteries from several directions at once. Lotto Hat lottery software makes the tough strategy decisions easy, based on probability comparisons to your actual lottery results game history. Free trial.

lotto lotteries wheels wheeling lotto software lottery software gambling lottery filters wheels statistics

sql software

Ado-X by Tampier Software

Ado x is the ideal Datenbanktool for the system manager and application developer. Parallel to current applications the results in the data tables can be examined immediately.

sql tool data base administrator file access system security user password code sort

photo editing software

Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software, Inc.

Discover what 20 million users already know -- Paint Shop Pro offers the easiest, most affordable way to achieve professional results! Don't waste your time with high-end professional products that cost a fortune and take a lifetime to learn.

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