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notes software

Screen Notes by RomeXoft

Software with Rich Text capabilities. Customizable e-notes with reminder function imitate paper self-adhesive notes. Your notes are fully customizable (color, dimensions, font, reminder sound). And now rich text formatting, opportunity to print notes and to send them by e-mail are added.

change font program basic program features reminder program default mail client wave file

tree database editor software

NotesTree by Extreme Code Software

Structure your intormation in Rich text format (such as CURRENT NOTES, info about your business, hobby, friends etc.) in a tree. Supports rich text formatting (bold, italic, font sizes etc.) and embedded images. Puts itself in SYSTEM TRAY (optionally).

word processor notes tree database editor itself tray keep system tree tree structure other embeds all in one place

editor software

TxtEdit by Luzius Schneider

TxtEdit is an editor for text or Rich text files (RTF file format). It includes a spell checker. TxtEdit contains a "send to" - feature, which is useful to have a quick view on many different file formats.

html iso ispell php send to rich text editor spell checker multilingual perl sort lines

free bibles download software

BibleDatabase by BibleDatabase

Multi Bible viewer. Bible Dictionaries, Commentaries, Biblical Names, Personal Prayer Diary, Biblical Map viewer, Rich Text Word Processor and more.

prayer diary bible dictionary prayer journal commentary bbe word processor free bibles download jesus christ nasb bibledatabase nrsv asv rsv freeware biblical maps free download

rich software

Editize by

Editize is a cross-browser, cross-platform rich text editor that can be easily integrated into any content management system. Since Editize isn't branded, you can make a profit by offering it to your web development clients.

cms editor rich text java textarea form cross-browser text platform cms rich richtext database management wysiwyg

assembly software

SmEdit by Sinner Computing

SmEdit is an Assembly Language Small Text Editor designed for a general text manipulation and viewing. It is capable of handling large files, can view Rich Text Files, and can be used for advanced tasks such as a simple programming editor.

text small language programming sinner on-top text assembly handling editor multi-use capable notepad files assembly

text software

SpeechPad XP by Global DevTech

SpeechPad XP is a text editor with a difference. Supporting plain text or Rich Text Format, you can create colourful documents or open existing ones, but unlike other text editors, this one can read them back to you.

colours colourful rich text format fonts text editors

security software

Blue Tango - The Text Scrambler by Higher Math

A fun and practical way to make your messages discrete. It keeps plain text, rich text and even portions of messages confidential. For email and other text documents. Your company and internet emails are not private. Now they can be.

encryption text scrambling encode password protection text decryption text unscrambling scrambling decode security text 

wysiwyg software

HTML Rich Text Area by tcpIQ / Sigma Solutions

The HTML Rich Text Area is a web browser tool that replaces textareas with a powerful WYSIWYG editor. It implements a user interface familiar to any Windows user enabling even novice computer users to quickly format text in a variety of styles.

rich text area rich text box web browser rich text editor text edit html editor rtf website  


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