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staff software

Oriador Staff Rota by V4 Solutions Limited

Oriador Rota is a staff scheduling and rostering package. Oriador Rota will help you produce and distribute your employee shift schedule, whether your requirements are simple or complex.

staff employee hr planning schedule scheduling rostering rota human resource management manpower

text to pdf software

Text To PDF COM/SDK Unlimited License by

Ap Text To PDF ( txt2pdf ) is a program to convert ASCII texts into PDF format with a minimum loss of formatting information. supports batch convert, encryption, page orientation, font setting , document info, bookmark and viewer preferences,etc.

text to pdf txt to pdf text2pdf txt2pdf command line searchable text encryption page alignment batch convert orientation pdf converter create pdf files append pdf convert ascii texts pdf

pictures software

Duplicatch by Analinx Software

Analinx Duplicatch provides you with power to find and reliably identify duplicates (copies) of any file on your storage media not by its name or size, but by its content! Pictures could be optionally compared on the basis of their visual similarity!

pictures files duplicates search clones removal visual similarity fuzzy comparison

jpeg software

JPEG Lossless Rotator by Anry

Free, simple, and useful utility that rotates JPEG images without any losses in quality. Unlike many image editors, this utlity does not decode and encode back a JPEG image while rotating, that keeps quality of rotated images at the original''s level

jpeg jpg lossless rotation convert rotator converter converting quality image photo picture anry exif free freeware

loganalytics software

LogAnalytics Outpost Edition by SphinxSoftware

LogAnalytics automatically accumulates the necessary data simultaneously from several polytypic log sources, realizes user-defined statistical treatment and presents results in a set of rotatable 3D graphs through a WEB-based interface.

loganalytics log patterns analyzer file serial com tcp odbc datasource log patterns analyzer

image editor software

Image Editor & Screen Capture By M8 Software by M8 Software(UK)

ImageM8 is a complete, self contained, image management system for Windows. It combines an image catalog system with screen capture, graphics multi clipboard, image editor, image mixer and photo CD maker. A unique combo to manage all your images.

image editor graphics clipboard screen capture photocd images graphics editor graphics imagem8 complete self contained image management system windows

puresim software

PureSim Baseball 2005 by Shaun Sullivan

Build and manage your own baseball dynasty with PureSim Baseball. Develop talent over the years, sign free agents, make trades--it's all here. You also can download databases that enable you to play out any year in Major League history.

puresim shareware baseball sports simulation baseball game

lossless jpeg rotation software

Batch JPEG Rotator by iRedSoft Technology Inc

Batch JPEG Rotator allows you to rotate individual image or batch rotate images without losing image quality. This program employs a lossless algorithm. This is an easy to use program.

lossless jpeg rotation jpg lossless jpg rotate image flip image flip horizontally flip vertically exif rotation

web picture gallery creator software

Picture2Web by Virdi Software

Picture2Web is an application for creating a web picture gallery. The program is simple enough to requires only a single click to create a professional-looking gallery in seconds, yet gives total flexibility to the more demanding webmaster.

web picture gallery creator picture2web pic2web image2web picture2web provides single click solution creating web picture gallery

column software

Columns by Douglas Paul Adams LLC

In this tetris alike game, without block rotation you try to match falling blocks into rows of 3. Once a 3-block match is created, that will eliminate the matched blocks and you score depending on the orientation of the row.

column column download tetris tetris alike without block rotation try match falling block


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