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Rows Software

java software

Table Applet by ObjectPlanet, Inc.

This java table component and applet enables you to display your data in rows and columns in your java and web applications. The data can be sorted, searched, and filtered using the powerful filter bar at runtime by the user.

java table applet grid component java table applet powerful searching sorting filtering

great expectations software

Great Expectations by Southern Ocean Software

GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Charles Dickens. The classic tale of Pip, a poor orphan who befriends an escaped convict and who grows up in the company of a bitter old woman.

great expectations charles dickens great expectations charles dickens

grid control software

Advanced Data Grid Control by Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

The java Data Grid Control applet enables the display of data in rows & columns in java & web applications. Powerful features include Fast Sorting, Data Acquisition, URL Hyperlinks, Embedded Images, Column Totalling and much more.

grid control data grid grid component data grid control data grid control component grids controls grid controls data table table data grid control enables display data java web apps

cross-numbers software

Cross-Numbers by Holotronix srl

Arrange the numbered tiles in natural order, by moving the rows and columns.

cross-numbers xnumbers puzzles sam lloyd tiles 15 play logical funny games intelligence einstein brain trainning mind education mathematical games

jigsaw blocks software

Jigsaw Blocks by Blue Dojo Studios

Jigsaw Blocks is simple to learn yet challenging. Slide rows and columns to reconstruct various images. Increase the number of blocks and increase the challenge.

jigsaw blocks puzzle puzzle game blue dojo studios www-bluedojo-com jigsaw blocks easy learn yet challenging game blue dojo studios

database utility software

DB Explorer by SLIK Software Ltd

Compare two database schemas and/or table data rows and report differences. Choose to synchronise the differences for one or other database. Sync Schema generates the appropriate SQL DDL statements. Sync Data transfers the rows between databases.

database utility compare database view database database difference schema metadata compare tables compare data compare records synchronise database compare two database schemas table data report differences sync

column software

Columns by Douglas Paul Adams LLC

In this tetris alike game, without block rotation you try to match falling blocks into rows of 3. Once a 3-block match is created, that will eliminate the matched blocks and you score depending on the orientation of the row.

column game column download game tetris game tetris alike game without block rotation try match falling block


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