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rss software

Feed Scout by ByteScout

Now you can turn your browser into handy RSS reader using this toolbar for Internet Explorer that can be used directly from IE. Capable of filtering RSS feeds so you can monitor RSS feeds using keywords. And much more!

rss atom rdf blog syndication aggregator toolbar news reader internet explorer handy rss reading toolbar internet explorer

rss software

Snarfer by Snarfware LLC

Snarfer RSS Reader is the worlds most popular, easy, fast, and FREE approach to using RSS., ATOM and XML feeds. Snarfer RSS Reader presents information to users in a simple to use interface. See website for complete changelog.

rss rss reader rss aggregator feed feedreader feed aggregator blog blog reader

opera software

Opera by Opera Software ASA

Surf the web with Opera browser. Features fast rendering engine, short loading time, enhanced visited pages search, tabbed interface. Comes with an email client designed to handle your daily emails. RSS reader and new sync features are included.

opera browser browsers rss email tabbed bookmark internet history

rss software

Briz RSS Reader by BRIZ Software

Briz RSS Reader is an easy-to-use news reader for MS Windows. It allows you to subscribe to, download and read desired RSS/Atom feeds. News feeds can be aggregated to display all the items in the one news line.

rss reader news aggregator easy-to-use news rss atom reader ms windows

rss software

Custom Reader by Custom Reader

Custom Reader is a free fully customizable RSS (Really Simple Syndication)Windows application. .NET network "is not" required You control the look and feel of the reader to suit the needs of your business.

rss aggregator reader news headlines really simple syndication ping

rss insane software

Rss Insane by Rss Insane

RSSInsane Aggregates Multiple RSS Feeds, forces Search Engines to Crawl your website faster in a matter of days! Fresh Keyword Rich Content withouth

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reader software

EasyDeskTicker by mn-software

EasyDeskTicker is a RSS ticker for the desktop. Very easy to use! News are freely configurable. One or more feeds are read continously. Line position and size, scrollspeed, colors and fonts can be set. It stays always on top of other windows.

reader rss news newsreader ticker newsticker rssticker rss-reader rss-ticker news aggregator

news software

NewzCrawler by ADC Software

NewzCrawler is news reader and browser which provides access to a news content from different sources: RSS/ATOM feeds, Usenet newsgroups and Web. NewzCrawler includes podcast receiver and has built-in blog client.

news newscrawler newzcrawler webnews desktopnews newsreader newsbrowser newsticker newsgroup nntp syndication xml rss atom ocs opml scriptingnews backslash podcast podcasting enclosures

pink browser software

Pink Browser by Bassam A. Jarad

Pink Browser is a free web browser designed for girls. Pink Browser provides many options including: 1. Girly Interface with tabs. 2. Girls Community. 3. Girls Corner. 4. Integrated form filler 5. Popup killer. Join the Pink Revolution now!

pink browser web browser free browser browser tabs flash filter popup killer rss reader form filling mouse gestures tray password clean history browse site download history favorites

rss software

RSSOwl | RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader by RSSOwl Development Team

RSSOwl is a free RSS / RDF / Atom Newsreader in Java using SWT as fast graphic library. Supported OS are Win, Mac, Linux and Solaris. Some features are export of news to PDF, Import / Export with OPML and the full text-search with syntax highlight.

rss rdf atom rssowl java swt rss-reader feed-reader rssfeed rss-feed feedreader newsfeed feed reader news newsreader aggregator pdf opml export import linux mac windows solaris


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