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tarot software

Mystic Eye Tarot by The Mystic Eye

The Mystic Eye Tarot reading program features four fabulous tarot decks, and four spreads to choose from. Bonus Rune reading program as well!

age spreads fortune telling decks four oracle

runes software

Oracle of the Runes by MiRaGe Audio Visual Media

Based on the art of rune stone casting using the symbols of an ancient Norse alphabet, Oracle of the Runes can be seen as just a bit of fun... Or does it work by divine intervention? Whatever you believe, it can help you gain valuable insights.

rune stones t rush oracle rune stone divine intervention ancient norse

spell software

Spellcaster by Superluminal, Inc.

Spellcaster puts you in the robes of an aspiring sorcerer. Form words of power on your rune board to dispel the forces of darkness. Use a wide variety of magical tokens and cast spells to help advance your cause against the dark forces.

word spelling crossword spellcaster spell puzzle caster

mahjong software

Rune Rescue Infinity by Hidden Sanctum

The Thieves are back and just won''t stop! Your job, Rune Rescuer, is to stop them! You are tasked to prevent them from stealing them by clicking on open matching pairs before they reach the top of the screen and the thieves get away!

globe rescuer matching pairs samurai sword rune stones runes

action software

My Worst Day WW2 by Rune Trollebo

A WW2 FPS 3D game where you as a saboteur are sent into German occupied Norway. Main mission: Blow up two canons. No linear missions, you can walk all over the place. You sneak and snipe in a winter landscape. It also has a fun arcade mode as bonus.

saboteur addictive snipe arcade mode budget game main mission

symbols software

Symbols&Runes by AlexGame

The set of the games Symbols & Runes includes the following games: Runes Master, Strategy Master and Memory Master.

games & puzzle/arcade symbols runes

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