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backup software

WinSafe XP by Easy Desk Software

WinSafe saves all vital information and restores your system back to operating condition when you find yourself in Safe Mode or had a crash. Cannot boot to Windows, you could have if you had WinSafe installed.

backup registry crash restore backs windows registry monitors spyware trojans worms hijackers

folder software

Folder Security by Folder Security Software

Folder Security is a software program designed to password-protect folders. It lets you prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering your confidential documents. Folders remain protected should your PC be rebooted into Windows Safe Mode or DOS.

folder security password protect folder security prevent people viewing confidential documents

backup software

WinSafe 2001 by Easy Desk Software

WinSafe saves all vital information and restores your system back to operating condition when you find yourself in Safe Mode or had a crash. It enables DOS for Windows Millennium when needed.

backup registry crash restore winsafe allows recover crash just seconds

password software

Password Protect by Password Protect Software

Password Protect is a software program to protect your documents against unwanted access. It will not let other users view, copy or modify your sensitive data. Folders remain protected in DOS, Windows Safe mode and other operating systems.

password protect folders software program protect folders against unwanted access

folder software

Folder Password Expert by ZQS Software Team

Folder Password Expert is a software tool that lets you restrict access to the folders that contain your sensitive data. A locked folder cannot be read, copied, modified or deleted. To access the folder, you must supply the correct password.

folder password protect protection lock utility password protect lock folders

personal firewall software


TermiNET program is an ideal security solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and home users who wish to connect to the Internet securely but do not have the resources to support a large security infrastructure.

personal firewall firewall infotecs terminet security internet pc protection stealth closed protect connection settings danu infotecs gis onguardnetworks networks

folder software

Lock Ness by Lock Ness Software

Lock Ness is security software to password protect and lock folders against unwanted access. Lock Ness will both secure your folders against accidental deletion and prevent other users from copying them.

folder lock password protect folders software password protect lock folders

desktop software

Advanced Desktop Shield by IM-Soft

Advanced Desktop Shield - protect public access PCs, stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver, deleting, creating and renaming desktop icons, changing display settings and so on. Backup, restore and manage desktop layout

desktop protect public access user changing wallpaper screen saver deleting creating renaming icons display settings backup restore manage layouts

desktop software

Easy Desktop Keeper by Ixis Ltd

Easy Desktop Keeper lets you save, restore, manage and lock your desktop layout or layouts of PC users including placement of desktop icons, files and folders located on the desktop, desired wallpaper and screen saver.

desktop restore save access control protect files icons restrict lock screen free download save restore manage lock desktop layouts wallpaper screen saver

virus software

avast! Virus Cleaner by ALWIL Software

avast! Virus Cleaner is a free tool that will completely remove selected viruses & worms from your computer: Badtrans, Beagle, Blaster, BugBear, Ganda, Klez, MiMail, MyDoom, Nimda, Opas, Scold, Sircam, Sober, Sobig, Swen, Yaha, incl. variants.

virus clean cleaner virus cleaner remove virus disinfect virus killer kill repair virus repair free tool removes most common viruses worms computer


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