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secure password manager software

PassCrypt by Permutations Software

PassCrypt uses military strength encryption to safely store passwords, credit card numbers, registration codes, and more. Customizable folders keep data organized; a tray applet gives quick access while surfing. Features include a password generator.

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e-books software

BookReader by Rudenko Software

BookReader is a comfortable e-book viewer. The program can scroll text automatically. In addition BookReader includes a uniquie on-line library browser for direct download from more than 4000 free books.

e-books reading autoscroll smooth scrolling comfortable freeware e-book viewer

create software

CD FrontEnd GOLD by Visual Vision

Create and protect CD presentations, brochures, catalogues. The user simply inserts the autorun/autoplay CD and Web-like pages are shown. All visual, no programming: automatic catalog creation with database import; auto photo album and much more...

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aphasia software

Aphasia Tutor 1: Words by Bungalow Software, Inc.

Computer software. Provides unlimited aphasia treatment for many of the different types of expressive aphasia: nominal aphasia, amnesic aphasia, broca's aphasia. These can be caused by stroke or brain-injury and usually requre speech therapy.

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