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remote control software

Remote Administrator by Famatech LLC

Remote Administrator is the fastest remote control software. You can work with the remote computer as if you are sitting in front of it. According to our users feedback Remote Administrator outperforms all other remote controls in the speed of work.

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email finder software

email finder by

Email Finder helps get 100% effective email addresses directly from smtp Server. Support multi email domain serach and multi-threads!

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html software

HTML2Zip by AeroTags Software

This unique software acts similar to WinZip enabling you to compress your HTML files into much smaller zip archives with compression ratio of 90% and more! Your web pages will load quicker and you'll save both your web traffic and disk space.

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http module software

Bandwidth Buddy for ASP.NET by L-Space Design

Bandwidth savings - ASPX pages compress by ~65%. Fast page loading - The major delay is transferring HTML from the server to the browser. So a page may load 2-3 times faster. Configured per site - Access to IIS manager not needed. Web services

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caching software

CacheRight by Port80 Software

CacheRight for IIS puts the ability to set reliable caching policies for any site content directly in the hands of site developers. It promotes the caching of image files, improving website responsiveness and reducing cost of site ownership.

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free advertisement blocker software

The Ad-Police by [Da]-Software's

One time use utility to block 14000+ known (no duplicates) Advertisement servers, Uses windows HOSTS file method. Use to give boost to your internet speed, will effect every windows application that uses HOSTS file which means that Adware and Spyware

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download software

Pathfinder Download Manager by Lincoln Beach Software

Helps software developers, affiliate managers, and others to get their products in front of users while also saving bandwidth. Pathfinder "download managers" can contain text, graphics, program icons, and more. Generate more downloads, more sales.

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