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drawganizer software

Drawganizer by Robinmatch Limited

DRAWGANIZER is a powerful easy-to-use GRAPHICAL file manager program. Easily AUTOMATE Windows tasks, such as backups, printing, searching for files and launching applications. Hundreds of uses. Control each stage of a task or run it automatically.

drawganizer backup shareware software application info information explorer tool macro programmer utility files automate design draw file manager

diskeeeper software

Diskeeper Home Edition by Executive Software

Your Computer Is Incomplete Without Diskeeper Automatic defragmentation is the only way to keep your computer running fast. Manual defragmenters can't keep up and are incomplete. Diskeeper is the fastest and most recommended automatic defragmenter

diskeeeper defragmentation performance speed set forget disk defragmenter windows

notepad software

Orneta Notepad for Smartphone 2002 by Orneta

Text editor for Windows Mobile based Smartphone''s that can view or send text as multiple SMS messages or as e-mail attachments. Support for search, cut, copy, paste, delete, undo, use font of any size, recent file list, file associations, and more.

notepad editor edit text word wordpad smartphone windows mobile smartphone 2002 smartphone 2003 microsoft

outlook software

Save Message Action for InboxRULES by ORNIC USA, LLC

Save Message can automatically save message body and attachments to a disk folder when message arrives to MS Outlook account or MS Exchange Server mailbox. It supports plain, RTF, HTML and native body format and normal, embedded and OLE attachments.

outlook save message save attachment exchange save message body attachments files message arrives ms outlook

ftp software

AbleFtp by Hitek Software

Ftp client with a difference. Designed primary for automation of ftp and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly.

ftp automate schedule task scheduler zip copy delete ftp client designed automate schedule various types ftp tasks

copy software

SmartSync Pro by SmartSync Software

SmartSync Pro is a backup and synchronization utility that will store important files to removable ZIP/JAZ drive, network volume or just compress to zip archive. SmartSync Pro can synchronize files even when your computers are not connected via LAN.

copy backup sync synchronize synchronization incremental restore mirror file replication tool easily backup synchronize important files handy tool

grep software

PowerGREP by JGsoft - Just Great Software

Quickly search through large numbers of text and binary files, such as source code, correspondence, logs, ... to find exactly what you want. Search and replace with plain text or regular expressions to maintain web sites, source code, reports, ...

grep egrep windows regular expressions perl regex regular expression regexes search and replace search replace collect sequence unix wingrep glob globbing

file management software

Advanced Directory Printer by Segobit Software

Print or save your file/folder lists.

file management folder listing folder printing attribute file name print save disk directory print save file folder lists

flow charts software

Visustin by Aivosto Oy

Visualize your code with flow charts. Visustin generates a flow graph of code written in VB, VB.NET, VBA, C/C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Pascal/Delphi, COBOL, Perl, T-SQL, PL/SQL and Ada. Review and document your algorithms!

flow charts flow graphs diagramming sourcecode to flowchart vb vb-net vba quickbasic c c java javascript jscript -net pascal delphi cobol perl t-sql transact sql sybase sql server oracle pl-sql ada ada83 ada95

screen software

5 Clicks - screen capture program by Interapple, Inc

5 clicks is very easy-to-use screen capture program. It takes only 5 clicks to start the program, capture an image anywhere on the screen and close the program! The captured image can be saved as a PNG, Jpeg or Bitmap file, copied to clipboard or printed.

screen capture image save file print free clipboard copy paste bitmap screen capture program save copy print captured image


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