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backup software

Backup2004 Pro by RD Technologies

A powerful backup utility with a lot of options and quite user-friendly. Backup2004 Pro supports unlimited zip file size (Pkware Deflate64). Yyou can backup any folder to any destination (network lan, any removable media including CD DVD)

backup restore data disaster zip recovery save file powerful backup tool lot options quite user-friendly

cd front end software

4Menu basic CD front end by Visual Vision

A simple set of files: it allows you to create an autoplay CD where you can put software or any exe. The user simply inserts the CD, then a menu window will be shown with simple buttons that show the name of any file found in the /data folder.

cd front end cd menu organize cd distribute things on cd simple cd menu run files cd distribution frontend front end cd buttons self run cd 4menu

multimedia player software


ABView - the fastest, most powerful, and easy-to-use video, audio and image viewer available for Windows! A simple, effective, multi-format viewer add-on for any standard window wherever there is list of files.

multimedia player video player all audio and music formats context menu viewer build-in shell addon id3 tag editor mpg mov avi flc asf icl mp3 midi simple effective multi-format viewer add-on standard windows

text software

Linspect Editor by Linspect

Linspect Editor is a freeware text editor for Windows. It allows you to open files from remote Linux or Unix servers over an SSH-secured connection, change/update the files and write it back to the server. Very easy to setup and use.

text editor software development debugger system script file linux unix ssh server configuration secure ssl for windows

audio software

Mesa Park Audio Editor by Mesa Park Audio

The Mesa Park Audio Editor is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, wave (WAV), MP3, WMA and PCM audio editor allowing users to open, edit and save files in any of these formats.

audio editor edit wave wav mp3 wma pcm effects echo delay reverb cut copy paste easy-to-use audio editor open edit save wave mp3 wma files

viewer software

Brava! Desktop by Informative Graphics Corp

Multi-format desktop software to view, compare, print, markup and redact PDF, TIFF, CSF, HPGL, AutoCAD, MS Office formats, and much more. Save files to PDF or secure CSF. Markup and redact for additional fee.

viewer visualization image graphic tiff pdf

sftp software

JaSFtp by Hitek Software

SFtp client with a difference. Designed primary for automation of sftp, ftp and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced ftp tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly.

sftp secure ftp ftp automate schedule task scheduler zip copy delete

text software

Disk Text Savior by Thinker Software

Disk Text Savior is a software tool to "draw out" the important text information from a bad floppy Disk and save it .it is power and easily use it .it can resume a bad floppy Disk that can't be resumed with another famous disk tools.

text floppy disk disc information draw out save file security draw important text information bad floppy disk save

backup software

WinBackup 2.0 Professional by Uniblue Systems

The business backup solution that guarantees 100% reliability and superior performance, while minimizing total cost of ownership!

backup easy backup backup restore save data save files backup performance backup reliability winbackup 2 professional backup made easy

backup software

WinBackup 1.86 by Uniblue Systems

The backup and recovery solution that awards 100% reliability and superior performance at a click of a button.

backup easy backup backup restore save data save files backup performance backup reliability winbackup 1 86 backup made easy


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