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SC-QuickStart by Soft-Central

SC-QuickStart offers several superior methods for launching your favorite applications, opening documents, websites, folders, directories and starting common Windows tasks.

hotkeys launch execute load start programs free easy application launcher toolbar sc-quickstart powerful program launcher toolbar hot keys manager

viewer software

Brava! Reader by Informative Graphics Corp

The free Brava Reader can be used as a TIFF viewer for multi-page documents, color images, and oversized scanned drawings files. Brava Reader can also view files converted by IGC's publishing products, such as the Net-It® Now client-side publisher.

viewer free viewer visualization image graphic tiff brava reader free application opens views prints tiff csf

mp3 software

DJ Jukebox by Gammadyne Software

DJ Jukebox is a powerful playlist generator and media file manager. Each song can be assigned a rating so that favorites are played more often. DJ Jukebox supports all media players, network remote control, commercials, and much more!

mp3 m3u playlist generator manager media winamp commercials remote control dj jukebox powerful playlist generator media file manager

net software

.NET decompiler Dis# by

Dis# is a .NET decompiler which allows you to edit local variables and other names in the decompiled code and keep the changes in a project file. With Dis#, the decompiled code is similar to the original source. A trial version is available.

net decompiler decompiling disassembler decompilation decompile deobfuscator source recovery reverse engineering reverse engineer reverse compile language convertor c# csharp j# msil

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