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filetracker software

ROVE FileTracker by ROVE Digital

ROVE FileTracker 1.6 - software for simple and fast cataloguing any types of files and folders from any drive or folder in the system. Additional info:

filetracker software simple fast cataloguing types files folders

slideshow software

ThumbsUp by Harmony Central

Graphic image editor, html tool, image effects ,slideshow utility ,supports all major graphic file formats html,gif,jpeg,jpg,bmp,bitmap photoshop, tiff, avi, png, pcx, dib,wmf, mf, ico, cur, avi, photoshop format, animated gif, multi tif.

slideshow video capture transform bump mapping rendering zoom percent polgonal vectorial dithering paint print images camera twain scanning viewer graphic thumbsup thumbnail bitmap generator picture

internet software

A Great Grabber by CrazyPixels

A Great Grabber is a software to scan, search and grab the Internet. All text based webpages, like html, htm etc. are scanned for needed files and all found files are downloaded.

internet grabbing searching scanning load video movie audio image picture html email great grabber grabbing downloading files

virutal reality software

Stitcher EZ by ACD Systems

Stitcher EZ, a plug-in to ACDSee, automatically creates panoramas, posters and virtual tours of your photos - in just two steps. Cool photos have never been so easy. Stitcher EZ was made for ACDSee by REALVIZ.

virutal reality qtvr vr rendering software vr pano pano software vr software panoramic software multimedia authoring 360 pano software 360 pano make panoramas posters virtual tours photos easily plug-in acdsee

anti-keylogger software

Anti-keylogger Corporate Edition by Raytown Corp.

Anti-keylogger for Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP is the FIRST product of its kind in the world that can provide every computer with strong protection against most types of unauthorized activity monitoring software, both KNOWN and UNKNOWN.

anti-keylogger antikeylogger key logger keystroke spyware snoopware spy hack hacking monitoring anti block delete remove detect erase expose locate stop uncover uninstall

iis software

Search Engine Friendly ISAPI Filter by L-Space Design

Disguise dynamic pages as static ones. Static pages are much more likely to be crawled. Extra Features: Convert file extensions Easy administration Use to assist search engines in finding content. Show interested people your site

iis web server search engine isapi static pages asp filter rankings spider disguise dynamic pages be likely be crawled show people site

icon catcher software

Icon Catcher by Helexis Software Development

Icon Catcher 4.0 is a high-speed batch icon extractor and processor that can scan over 3000 icons in one minute and supports 32-bit XP-style icons with alpha channel. Extended filtering options let the users set the search parameters.

icon catcher icon free icon windows icon icon image grab screen image manage capture helexis format graphic utility desktop decorate

update software

MultiUpdate by KSWare, Inc.

MultiUpdate is a batch text or html editor capable of inserting, removing or replacing entire segments of text in multiple files at once. You can edit hundreds or even thousands of pages simultaneously! Great timesaver if you have a large website!!!

update batch-update batch-edit update website pages multiple many insert remove replace all instance software applying changes across multiple pages website handy

email client software

Express Plus by Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Send personalized email with mail merging, SPAM and message filtering, manage mail groups, setup multiple e-mail accounts in one mailbox, read messages live on your server without downloading, allows shared mailboxes on a network and much more.

email client mail e-mail spam filters message filtering merge shared mailbox html pop3 smtp multiple accounts email client mail merging spam filters shared mailboxes networks

graphic software

Makaha by Brandyware Software

Professional graphic-video viewer, can view the most popular graphic formats, create thumbnails, has a 100 option slide show with videos and MP3 music, creates GIF animations of any size, Batch convert to over 40 formats.

graphic viewer thumbnail convert slide saver scanning resize mp3 vivo jpeg gif brandyware plug-ins professional graphic viewer video-sound page creation thumbnail sup


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