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chemistry software

The Atom Builder by Raylec Software

Chemistry teaching software which simulates the building of any of the first 20 atoms (up to calcium) on screen. Learn how atoms are formed from electrons, protons and neutrons and how the electrons are arranged in shells or energy levels.

neutrons chemistry protons chemical chemware high school chemistry science chemistry software atomic structure atom nucleus atom electrons periodic table atomic chemical bonds

calc software Extendable Calculator by

The Extendable Calculator is a different way to approach calculator design. Therefore it does not contain any of the design defects, as traditional software calculators and have unlimited ability for extending.

calculators input expressions button captions new program button search separately

tombclimber software

TombClimber by Magic Storm

TombClimber is a 2D Platform-Labyrinth Jump and Run Game. You have to find your way through labyrinths, fight monsters, avoid traps and colleact treasures. Discover completely unexplored, subterranean tombs of the old forgotten Pharaohs!

climber game 3d treasure fred patform shoot shooter jump&run spiel plattform maze action jump and run roland on the ropes labyrinth

cell software

Living Cell 3D Screensaver by 3D ScreenSaver Downloads

What goes on inside living cells? This is really something spectacular! Install Living Cell 3D screensaver and turn your desktop into the eye-piece of a powerful microscope that will let you see the enchanting mysteries of the micro-world.

screensavers living cell dna cell screensaver science screen saver 3d screensaver download screensaver 3d screensavers cell screensaver free download screen savers 3d screensaver download screensavers download

math software

Statmaster by J. Andrzej Wrotniak

Many programs generate numeric output which needs to be presented graphically. Statmaster is a simple way to do that, reading a text file with data arranged in a space-separated table, and drawing up to 16 pages of histograms and XY plots.

math wrotniak plots graphs engineering science statistics

federation software

Federation Screen Saver by NiteOwl Software

Federation Screen Saver is a Freeware Mac OS X screen saver featuring a 360 degree rotating United Federation of Planets logo from Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

os x mac os x x screen saver star trek the next generation trek the next generation freeware mac os x

component software

ColorBtn by Syringa Software, Inc.

Custom component developed by Syringa Software for use in the Delphi (TM Inprise Corp.) programming language. Derived from (Borland) unit Buttons, it has pushbutton properties and additional properties of color: background color and font color.

color package colored button component package pushbutton custom component delphi component component language delphi buttons colorbtn programming custom programming

startrek software

DogFight by Onwijs

DogFight is a screensaver with 3D rendered graphics. The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight. v2.3 has new rerendered graphics for smoother animation. v3.0 new features: sound, speed, damage, explosions and new graphics.

rendered graphics birds of prey adjustable speed desktop dogfight animation explosions

top software

TopSites Explorer by

TopSites Explorer is a client version of web directory. You can explore lots of interesting and useful websites much more convenient than using web version directories.

explorer surf site surfing top sites bookmark list topsites alexa navigate popular surfer rank directory browser

education software

Academia by Genesis Software

Academia is an educational program designed for people interested in testing their academic skills and also for individuals who want to create their own tests.

study aid high school/college aid education teaching tool learning tool educational shareware


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