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Multiple Integration by Orlando Mansur

Performs numerical multiple integration. The limits of integration need not be constants.

trigonometric help file intuitive program methodology hyperbolic functions constants

knowbotron software

Dicom Unit Aware Calculator by Knowbotron

Dicom is the first ever unit aware calculator of its kind that deals with dimensions of physical quantities in mathematical expression. Dicom enables calculations, conversions, and documentations in one place, at absolutely no cost.

knowledge knowbotron converter measurement dicom engineering calculator intelligence unit software download conversion freeware free scientific unit aware

math software

Linear Algebra by Orlando Mansur

Performs computations associated with matrices: Solves systems of linear equations, finds sum, difference, product, determinant, inverse, adjoint, transpose, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, LU factors, QR factors, tests for definiteness, etc.

add subtract matrices matrix operations systems of equations transposition symmetric matrix

galaxy-g software

Galaxy-G by GCM Enterprises

Galaxy-G is a space trading game, in which you chart your own destiny as a valued merchant, the most sought after hunter or the most notorius brotherhood pirate. Earn enough funds to purchase new and better ships or upgrade your current ship.

special events ships galaxy money to be made grand journey trading game

differential equations software

Ordinary Differential Equations by Orlando Mansur

Solves boundary-value problems involving ordinary differential equations producing a finite series valid in the entire defined interval. Handles a wide variety of functions, including trigonometric and hyperbolic.

science ordinary differential equations engineering math equations mathematics differential equations

 text mining software

InformationCompiler by InsightSoft-M

Compiles the query-relevant information extracted from a collection of unstructured text documents (local or found on the web). Provides free-style report: a well-readable information output.

content aggregation text mining web search found summarization information local compiles information extraction multi-document digesting web query-relevant

slae software

SLAE Solver by AdvMathAppl

SLAE SOLVER allows to find on a personal computer high accuracy solutions of linear algebraic systems with N equations, where N may reach hundreds or thousands.

slae equations allows accuracy calculator find computer advanced high math slae engineering algebraic solver science solver

dictionary software

Dictionary Organizer Deluxe by PrimaSoft PC

Dictionary software that allows you to create your own dictionary, terminology or glossary books.

personal dictionaries electronic dictionaries organizer deluxe intuitive interface database novice translation software

chemical software

Solution Solver by Basic Science, LLC

Spend your time accomplishing your primary work and let Solution Solver assist you. Solution Solver can perform dilution equations, conversions, solution problems, radioactive decay equations, and much more!

calculator scientific dilution chemical centrifuge radioactive decay

arcanoid software

Magic Ball 2 by Alawar Entertainment

Remember the original Magic Ball? The one that got over 5 million downloads and Net''s best 3D Arkanoid remake title? The good news is that the sequel has just been released. The very good news is that there are 100 brand new levels.

different places landscapes original power parallel worlds magic world joystick support


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