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TopForums Explorer by

TopForums Explorer contains the most popular forums on the web. It has a forum directory as well as top forums list ranked by popular, by total posts and by total members.

science society art business home recreation business computers games explorer 1

hirtle software

Random Test Generator-PRO by Hirtle Software

Create screen, paper or Internet tests based on randomly selected questions from large databanks. Allows the use of graphics, animations and sounds in any test question. Create an unlimited amount of questions and databanks.

quiz proctor random tests databank exam high school shareware professor software hirtle algebra questions math database student educational

kwikstat software

WINKS, Windows KWIKSTAT by TexaSoft

WINKS (Windows KWIKSTAT) makes statistical data analysis understandable and easy to perform for the researcher, student, or scientist. Award-winning statistics program with thousands of users in over 65 countries.

statistical data analysis analysis of variance analysis of variance anova goodness of fit parametric odds ratio

imaging software

AutoMatting by Image Trends, Inc.

AutoMatting automatically creates a unique mat for each image which is designed to make the photographer''s work more attractive and appealing to the customer in a slideshow or viewing mode.

wide screen tv pleasing effect tv screen vertical images batch mode slideshow

mathematics software

Abacus Math Writer by Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

MathWriter is a java stand-alone program that allows for the production of, Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering equations and formulae. Schoolteachers and Lecturers will find MathWriter useful for producing notes, reports and test papers.

engineering equations subsequently formulae web page bitmap image test papers

matrix calculator software

Matrix Calculator by Canned Doit Software

Matrix calculator operations include: transpose, invert, scale, compute determinant and trace, adjoint, multiply, add, and subtract. Matrices can be saved to a text file for future sessions. A delimiter can be specified to separate elements.

add and subtract science engineering help file maximum values matrix calculator compute

neutron software

Exploring matter with Neutrons by Nanopolis

Exploring matter with Neutrons offers more than 1,000 interactive pages and virtual animations on the world of neutrons going from an inside look on neutrons sources and tools to the applications of neutrons in different fileds.

neutron scattering matter thin layers encyclopedia neutrons encyclopaedia reflectometry spin echo diffraction magnetism

digitize software

DigitizeIt by Bormisoft

DigitizeIt can automatically digitize (x,y)-data from scanned graphs. Data values are transformed to a specified axes system and can be saved in ASCII format, ready to use in other applications. Can read most image formats (gif, png, tiff,bmp).

pcx tga axes clipboard pct logarithmic

popup software

Popup Killer by KL Products UK

Popup Killer is one of the webs best popup destroyer, it is so simple, there is no need to set anything up, just run it and watch those popups get zapped. Very small, fast and intelligent and super cheap only $5 to register. Download the demo now !!

destroyer popunder ad banners instantly elliminates killer problems adverts complications no popups prevention banner popup popup popups

astronomy software

Planets of the Solar System Screensaver by Internet Laboratory "Ksan"

This screensaver is a series of pictures of the solar system. Every planet is there along with its satellites and basic scientific description. Sheer beauty with educational effect for kids and adults!

planet solar science screensaver astronomy system


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