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uml diagram software

ConceptDraw VI Pro by Computer Systems Odessa

ConceptDraw is a comprehensive business and technical diagramming software with advanced drawing tools, task-specific wizards and extensive libraries of ready-made shapes.

business diagrams dxf files cad documents files pdf files support html export

chemistry software

Atoms, Symbols and Equations by Raylec Software

Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software that tests students as they learn. Topics include: elements, atoms and molecules, word equations, chemical symbols, Periodic Table, chemical formulas, balancing chemical equations.

software chemical elements multimedia teaching high school chemistry balanced valence chemistry software chemical symbols chemical equations science software valency chemware chemical formula elements and symbols interactive

linear software

Rt-Plot by Rt-Science

Rt-Plot is a tool to generate Cartesian X/Y-plots from scientific data. You can enter and calculate tabular data. View the changing graphs, including linear and non linear regression, interpolation, differentiation and integration, during entering.

linear functions graphs interpolation integral calculations rt graph

news software

News scrolling in window title (rss-xml) by

With News Scrolling In Window Title, get Worlds latest TV news in the title of a window. For example, if you have Microsoft Word opened it will display the headlines like this "Document1 - Microsoft Word -- newsheadline1 - newsheadline2 etc".

reader news server xml rss bar feed desktop yahoo

news software

News Headlines by PYXSYS-OOBOX

Whether you are a pro in marketing, communication, in press, finance, or you simply need to keep yourself informed, OOBOX NEWS HEADLINES can bring you, at a glance, useful information.

source manager web filter finance stock full news all the web web pages

usb software

USB Monitor by HHD Software

Software USB port sniffer, monitor tool with protocol analyzer and data logger. This Universal Serial Bus monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze, test usb device activity performing connection traffic analysis with data acquisition

protocol universal serial bus monitor data diagnostic port tool modem software analyzer aquisition monitoring usb sniffer test acquisition

qigong software

Qigong for Self-Health Care by SoftTcm

Qigong is treasure of Chinese culture with long history, Qigong that is important part of traditional Chinese medicine in past thousands years becomes effective method to promote body health, treat diseases and prevent body from disorders.

body health traditional chinese culture initiation relaxation traditional chinese medicine rationale

winconverter software

WinConverter by OneMir

WinConverter is a unit conversion program. The version 2.1 is pre-configured to convert 1400 units in 76 categories. If you find WinConverter is missing a unit you need, it's easy to add custom units or categories.

power math energy measurement convertor conversions converter conversion engineering factor physical category change onemir convert physics

curve software

DataFit by Oakdale Engineering

DataFit is a tool for performing curve fitting, statistical analysis & data plotting. Fit equations with up to 100 parameters to data with up to 20 independent variables. Define your own equations or choose from over 600 pre-defined equations.

curve math statistical science datafit regression statistics software estimation data parameter fitting nonlinear data plotting curve

sci-fi software

Deep Space Voices - MorphVOX Add-on by Screaming Bee LLC

Be the first to be transformed to a fighting Cyborg, a scary Mutant, or stoic Android. Try this add-on with MorphVOX.

change changer changer voice morphvox messenger software voip chat add-on voice deep voices online talk games


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