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baseball software

Ballstat/BallScore by James Habel Software

Advanced scorekeeping system for baseball. Hundreds of stats and reports. BallScore is a computer version of your paper scorebook - score as you would with paper only the stats are done for you. BallStat is the report generating part of the program.

baseball statistics software scorekeeping scorebook softball ballstat ballscore advanced scorekeeping system baseball hundreds stats reports

crib software

CribSol - Cribbage Solitaire by by

Play by building four cribbage hands one row at a time until four hands of four cards have been built. Then the crib hand and the "cut" card are shown and the score is tallied. You win the CribSol by breaking 180 points over 5 rounds.

crib cribbage solitaire card game free cribbage solitaire 4 hands crib regular cribbage scoring

jigsaw software

Vault Vex by Whirling Chair Games

Use your strategic thinking and color matching abilities to solve over 60 different puzzles which range in difficulty from easy to mind-bending. Also, every puzzle is different each time you play and the best score is remembered for each puzzle.

jigsaw puzzle tetravex think strategically while solving over 60 jigsaw-like puzzles

shape matching software

Qubx by Iconic Games

Qubx is a game of truly three dimensional shape matching that features easy, intuitive controls and deep, compelling gameplay. With online highscores, joypad support and an original soundtrack.

shape matching cube 3d puzzle game 3d shape matching intuitive controls compelling gameplay

cards software

LineUp by Lazy Dog Software

Score "LineUps" of 4 of your pieces in a row up/down or left/right. Play a card to claim an empty piece on the board. Blue Joker allows you to claim any open space. Red Joker allows you to remove any opponents piece.

cards lineup score lineups 4 row down left right jokers allow add remove

3d software

3DRT BrickBlaster by TLK Games

A thrilling Brick Breaker with 240 levels of game, automatic scrolling on 4 screens and a terrific set of attack and defense weaponry. Level editor, numerous decors, music and realistic sound complete this outstanding game. High scores registration.

3d brick blaster game 240 levels weapon system firepower traps enemy 4 screens scrolling ultimate brick breaker game 240 levels sophisticated weaponry

keyword density analyzer software

GRKda - Keyword Density Analyzer by GRSoftware

GRKda runs on Windows XP/2000/NT/Me/98/95 and assist you in achieving high relevancy scores for your Web Pages in regards to the various search engines by allowing you to analyze and duplicate the Keyword Density "mix" of the top scoring pages.

keyword density analyzer web promotion html optimizer grkda assist achieving high relevancy scores pages

arkanoid software

X Ball by Crystal Pier Software

A Ball is cash-based brickout game. Anyone who has ever enjoyed playing classic brickout will love this game new twist on the game. Buy and sell powerups; battle enemies; submit your scores on the internet; play all 350+ levels or create your own!

arkanoid brick break breakout brickout ball paddle x arcade game classic new free cash-based brick breaking game buy powerups fight enemies create worlds

domino software

New Dominoes by D. Sutadi

A challenging dominoes game with new & improved A.I, graphics, sounds, music & animations. Single / partnership game play. 4 level of difficulty. Multi scoring (Standard, Gaple, Five-Up). World championship & submit score to Internet and more ...

domino dominoes new dominoes board game tile game gaple five-up all five challenging dominoes game amazing graphics sounds music animations

canasta software

Canasta for Windows by

Canasta is a popular strategy card game for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP. Play against the computer or over the Internet. Score by melding cards and making Canastas. There are three skill levels, multi-level undo, sound and music.

canasta card game rummy cards samba fun challenging version canasta popular classic card game


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