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scorm software

Advanced SCORM Editor by Deltalearn, Inc.

DeltaLearn Advanced Editor is an e-learning content generation tool based on the SCORM standard that improves productivity and dramatically decreases authoring time by replacing the traditional error-prone, time-consuming, manual XML manifest editing

scorm deltalearn e-learning learning lms lcms e-learning editor e-learning content generation tool based scorm standard

petri software

Petri Heil by StuGroup

Petri Heil is a game-competition for true fishing fans. You may participate in international fishing competition without leaving your office desk or favorite armchair at home.

petri heil is a game-competition for true fishing fans.

hide software

Secret Files & Folders Pro by GoSecret Software

With Secret Files & Folders Pro you can hide and/or lock selected files and folders making them either invisible or just not accessible for other people using the computer. Set a password on the application, and only you can run it or uninstall it.

hide lock files folders security protect private invisible password hotkey easy interface hide lock files folders contains private data easily

playstation portable software

Photo to PSP by Maple & Star AB

Photo to PSP makes it easy to view photo collections on your PlayStation Portable handheld. Photo to PSP takes care of resizing your photos to fit the PSP screen, making viewing on the PSP a lot quicker while you at the same time can keep more photos

playstation portable psp psp photo psp photos photo transfer psp photography

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