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convert software

ABC Amber ScrapBook Converter by ProcessText Group

ABC Amber ScrapBook Converter is an advanced utility which converts ScrapBook (Firefox extension) data to CHM format easily and quickly. The software allows you to convert all folders, starting from the selected folder or only selected folder.l

convert chm firefox advanced utility which converts data chm format

christmas cards software

Christmas and Holiday Card Frame Pack by Frame My Photos, LLC.

The Christmas and Holiday Card Frame Pack comes with the Framing Station digital photo software which to date has recieved the highest rating from 45 reviewers. Once framed, images are ideal for display, presentation, scrapbooking and sharing.

christmas cards christmas photo cards holiday cards christmas photos holiday scrapbooking digital photos digital scrapbooking web gallery borders photo prints email personalize photos new christmas holiday frames

horse software

Horse Rider Memories by Lazy Dog Software

Using this program you can keep track of how you have done at Horse Shows, Keep a Daily Journal and even build a Photo Scrapbook. You can add unlimited users so your brothers and sisters can use it also

horse horseback horseshow shareware track how have done horse shows keep daily journal photo

baseball software

Baseball Memories by Lazy Dog Software

With Baseball Memories you can keep track of your Baseball or Softball Statistics for a Season or over your entire Career,Track where you hit the ball with the Spray Chart, Keep a Daily Journal, & build a Photo Scrapbook. You can add unlimited users.

baseball softball baseball statistics softball statistics batter spray chart track baseball softball stats spray chart journal photos season career

scrapbook software

BlueBell - Internet Scrapbook. by Tymax Systems

Drag pictures & text straight out of Internet Explorer and into BlueBell - and they'll be instantly saved. Keep interesting pictures, jokes, passwords, Web Addresss, Licenses, Specs, Docs in your password protected ScrapBook.

scrapbook web drag and drop bluebell passwords pictures web pages collecting text personal documents family child safe geneology bluebell web drag drop pictures text internet

photo album software

Aunt Abigail's Photo Album by Aunt Abigail Software

Aunt Abigail's Photo Album is a simple yet powerful program for composing and printing pages with digital photographs and captions. Once you have your pages, you can slip them into clear plastic 3-ring binder sleeves and put them in your albums.

photo album software photo printing software scrapbooking digicam software aunt abigails photo album photo album layout printing program

graphics software

Now You See It by Nightwatch Software

You've got LOTS of graphics--on hard disk and CDs. But how do you find the one you want? And what'll you do with it once you do? Now You See It has the answers.

graphics cataloguing maintenance utility utility cataloguing using graphics

opera software

Just Right Click Scrap Books by Just Right Click

Right click in browser and save highlighted text

opera web explorer right click selected text save popup menu item right click browser save highlighted text

photograph software

FlipAlbum Pro by E-Book Systems, Inc.

FlipAlbum 5 Pro lets you create and sell 3D page-flipping digital albums on CDs that run on both Mac and Pc.

photograph album digital photo album free software digital photography photo photography jpg image presentation photo album software bmp gif jpeg photo software thumbnail digital photo photo editor image editor online photo album

clipboard software

iClip by Inventive, Inc.

With iClip, you quickly store, organize and access bits of information that just aren't practical to save as entire documents. You stay focused on the tasks you're accomplishing. You save time and streamline your workflow.

clipboard drag drop copy paste clipping iclip multi clipboard utility mac os


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