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free jewel quest screensave software

Free Jewel Quest Screensaver by Puzzle Game Download

With this free Jewel Quest game screensaver you get a marvelous opportunity to take an exciting journey to the Mayan ruins and discover the buried treasures. Download Jewel Quest screensaver now, enjoy amazing Jewel Quest game scenes and unravel the mysteries of the ancient civilization!

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living software

Living Coral by RI Soft Systems

Living Coral beautifully displays an animated undersea ecosystem, with beautiful tropical fish, turtles, starfish, urchins, manta rays and even a few divers in the background. Combine that with the most tranquil music you could imagine and you will find yourself transported into an undersea sanctuary.

living coral riss undersea underwater screen saver ocean transform desktop enchanting underwater world

3d software

3D Crazy Mechanic Clock Screensaver by AOload

This Screen Saver Crazy Mechanic Clock shows you unusual view on the day time. It points the date, month and moon phase. It is our

3d crazy mechanic clock screensaver

azores fantasy screensaver software

Azores Fantasy Screensaver by Altix Soft

Azores - The Portuguese Islands. You'll see is: Mountains, lakes, cliffs, fields, waterfalls, geisers, sea ... This real paradise on the Earth. This screensaver shows high-resolution photos, up to 1280 x 960 pixels. Saver is set to automatically fit them to your own screen size. Includes of 16 high-qualitative images. You may use any image as wallpaper for desktop - Easy click of one button.

azores fantasy screensaver travel series azores portuguese islands islands mountains lakes cliffs fields waterfalls geisers sea wallpaper screensaver wallpapers screen saver sceensaver desktop nature-screensavers altix azores-com islands-com waterfalls-com screensavers-com

clone software

Clone by Newton Software

Clone allows you to backup your files. Clone can be run as either a screen saver or as a standard windows utility. Run as a screensave, clone backups up the data that is important to you while you take a break from your computer. This ensures you have a copy of your most important files backed up. Clone copies files from one location to another. This can be another hard disk, your CR-RW drive or any other media mapped to a drive or UNC path.

clone file backup utility screensaver screen saver tim newton synchronisation sync synchronization replicate configuration management cdrw cd-rw unc path newtonsoftware newton clone

 screen software


Every user can download a lot of free images using e-Wall technology. These images are stored into a dedicated folder. ADVANCE uses all available images to generate automatically a random slideshow as a screensaver. You can add transition effects between photos, audio files (WAV or MP3), text files and configure a lot of features, in order to get your customized screen-savers.

screen saver screensaver screen-saver screen-savers screensavers images customize

flash screensaver software

Flash Screen Saver Builder by Dream Soft

Flash Screen Saver Builder is an easy to use and powerful tool that helps you convert a Flash movie into a Screensaver within minutes.

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