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screensaver software

Sizzle Babes by RatPlanet Media

The first in the next wave of BabeFest screensavers features 45 fresh bikini and lingerie babes saturating your desktop in a random collage. A great collection of beautiful women.

screensaver bikini lingerie women glamour beauty pinup free babefest beautiful women cover desktop endless combinations

screen saver builder software

Super Screensaver Builder by INC

Super screensaver builder allows you to create and distribute professional screensavers for windows. Giving you the ability to create attractive screensavers in no time at all. You can create Image Slideshow, Flash and Movie clip sreensavers.

screen saver builder screensaver builder screensaver maker screen saver maker offers screen saver builder producing professional image slide shows

professional software

Animated Screen by PY Software

Creates professional Screen Savers and Greetings. Gives full control to manage objects' behavior, size, and appearance. Creates standalone screensavers as well as self-installing executable with links to your website and purchase reminders.

professional screen savers greetings full control image behavior size appearance sell shareware creates professional screen savers greetings

automate software

Power Launch 2 by E-Technik Website Development (Pty) Ltd

Power Launch 2 gives you the power to automate tasks, start and close multiple programs with a single key, even create and manage complex menus. Power Launch 2 empowers you automatically start screensavers and even schedule any task within Windows.

automate power launch macro schedule launch files e-technik menus shortcuts script automating tasks managing easier faster power launch 2

select software

Random Event Sounds XP by Ztec Software

Create your list of favorite sounds, screensavers and wallpapers, and Random Event Sounds will randomize your system sound events, other program sound events, as well as Windows Screensaver and Desktop Wallpaper files.

select random event sounds screensaver wallpaper system select randomize system sounds screensavers wallpapers

screensaver software

Custom Pictures Screensaver by Deaddybear

How about creating screensavers with a personal touch. Like "My trip to Italy" screensaver? Or "Friends and Family" screensaver. Now you can do it with Custom Pictures Screensaver from, and it's extremely easy too!

screensaver custom screensaver screensaver maker create custom screensavers pictures

3d software

3D Galaxy Screensaver by Deaddybear

3D Galaxy Screensaver, as you've already guessed from the name, is a three dimensional screensaver picturing a galaxy. The screensaver continues the space series of screensavers from

3d screensaver 3d screensaver space screensaver galaxy screensaver cool outer space 3d screensaver

awesome software

3D Space Gladiators by Deaddybear

Are you tired of all these lame girlish screensavers with flowers, kitties and other cute junk? How about something dynamic and active? Like gladiators. 3D gladiators! 3D Space Gladiators!!

awesome 3d screensaver space shooter mini-game

wildlife animals software

Wildlife Animals Screen Saver by Net Executive

Wildlife Animals Screensavers with Wallpaper. Bring Wild life screen savers wallpaper wallpaper directly into your living room! If you're an animal lover, check out the Wildlife Screen Saver. It presents a slide show of 32 professionally-taken photos

wildlife animals screensavers wallpaper screen saver free screensaver wildlife savers fishing hunting american ocean coasts waterfalls wild life seashore mountains sunsets beaches nature

lighthouses software

Lighthouses Screensaver by Net Executive

Lighthouses Screensavers with Wallpaper. This is a beautiful screen saver of ocean coastlines with spectacular images of lighthouses and music! The earliest lighthouses were simply bonfires built on hillsides to guide ships.

lighthouses screensavers free screen saver wallpaper screensaver light house screen savers lighthouse coastlines waterfalls sunsets mountains wildlife america summer nature coasts


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