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dolphins software

Dolphins Screensaver by Net Executive

Dolphins and Whales Screensavers with Wallpaper. This screensaver is dedicated to all things related to our friends from the seas, the dolphins. They are beautiful and wonderful animals (wildlife).

dolphins screensavers whales screen saver ocean screensaver screen savers wallpaper free nature animals screen wildlife sea life humback water marinelife

screensaver druid software

ScreenSaver Druid by XemiComputers Ltd.

ScreenSaver Druid is freeware solution for managing screensavers. In addition to standard functions, it features ordered, scheduled and random lists for running screensavers, search for screensavers scattered on your hard drives, delete screensavers.

screensaver druid manage managing manager screensavers screen savers scr control center xemicomputers xemico software get screensaver control center free charge

flash screensaver maker software

Flash ScreenSaver Master by Flash ScreenSaver Co., Ltd.

Flash ScreenSaver Master is a cool screen saver maker, which allows you to build your own screensavers with your favorite Flash animation files or images together with midi, wav or mp3. This program features a step-by-step interface, easy to use!

flash screensaver maker flash saver flash tool software screensaver free wallpaper flash screensaver master save flash animations make own screensaver favorite pictures easy simple click step by step make screensaver step-by-step favorite picture flash animation

3d software

Watermill 3D Screensaver by 3Planesoft

Watermill 3D Screensaver has been called "digital masterpiece", "heaven on your screen", and "one of the most beautiful screensavers ever created." But really - it's just a dream. A dream come true.

3d screensaver water nature amazing bright vivid stunningly beautiful 3d watermill screensaver

screensaver maker software

2Flyer Screensaver Builder(AllTheSoft) by all the soft Inc.

2Flyer Screensaver Builder is a program which lets you make your own screensavers, you can use pictures, music, flash, video, or even live websites.

screensaver maker screensaver builder screen saver maker 2flyer screensaver builder program which make screensaver

multimedia software

PhotonShow by iZotope, Inc.

With PhotonShow you can add text captions, voice captions, and soundtracks to your shows; turn shows into screensavers; share shows on the web; and much, much more.

multimedia photo slideshow image viewer pocketpc email flash animation photo text caption voice caption create animated slideshows photos

crystal software

Crystal Wallpaper by Nihuo Software

Crystal Wallpaper is a shareware provides a totally NEW way to enjoy beautiful pictures besides common desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

crystal wallpaper image slide show viewer graphic desktop wallpapers totally new way enjoy favorite pictures

screensaver software

AAAScreensavers Screensaver Builder by DOT COM of NC, LLC

Create your own custom screensavers using your pictures, music, flash and video. Our software takes you step by step through the creation process. It then generates a stand alone .exe file which can be distributed to your friends and family.

screensaver screen saver screensaver builder screensaver creator screensaver maker create custom screensavers pictures music flash video

art software

Painting Pictures by NexusMedia

Painting pictures screensavers is a unique screensaver. We have included many great works of art to get it started. A picture graphic is displayed, then it starts to paint the pciture on a blank canvas. You have many different methods of painting

art screensaver paint painting painting pictures screen

randomizer software

Serandom Screensaver Manager by Seraline Pty Ltd

Serandom is a screensaver manager, or randomizer, which allows you to organize your screensavers into different collections.

randomizer manager screensaver screensavers serandom screensaver manager randomizer


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