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java software

NewsMaker by

NewsMaker is a smooth-scrolling text scroller that reads items and links from a text file. Includes free software tool to make message-and-link file. Supports background images and sound. Automatic headlining, auto-wrapping, text justification, more.

java applet text news scroll ticker image smooth-scrolling display background support

site navigation software

Happy Scroller Menus by Image Intelligence Software Ltd.

This is a scroller java menu applet suitable for a sidebar navigation layout with the menu positioned at the side of your page. Messages of your choice display one after the other, and each message can be hyperlinked as a menu item.

site navigation navigation menu messages message display scrolls hyperlinks attached numerous themes available

mitigo software

Mitigo9 by Iluminate Games

2D side scroller space shooter. Mitigo 9 is an old school, side scroll shooter, where the player has to fight against enemy ships, giant insects, tanks, robots and more.

mitigo mitigo9 star space shooter arcade fighter starship starfighter action game

java software

Image Scroller Applet by Sureshot

Make your site come alive! Create beautiful tickers with the Image Scroller Applet. Image Scroller Applet can run in the middle of a web page or in a pop up window. It supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

java imagescroll imagescroller show horizontal vertical presentation free freeware images effect transition internet webeffect cool package

creative flash scroller software

Creative Flash Scroller by Extend Studio

Multipurpose Flash scroller that can scroll any kind of Flash content, can be placed anywhere in the Flash project, can work with dynamically loaded content, can be customized to suit the design ( easy stilling and skinning). Advanced scrolling ...

creative flash scroller flash scroll movieclip scroll scroller scroll anything advanced scrolling options easy stilling and skinning flash touch scrolling mouse gesture scroll flash mouse wheel advanced flash scroller flash cs3 scroll fla

image scroller software

Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller by SourceTec Software

Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller creates scrollers including ads, events, news, slide shows, etc. Scroller will detect the browser''s window size and fit the window automatically. Well integrate with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and GoLive.

image scroller javascript image scroller web scroller ad scroller image slideshow javascript web scroller sothink

tigra software

Tigra Scroller by Softcomplex Inc

Tigra Scroller is free JavaScript widget for web sites that scrolls text or html in the box. Moving content saves the space on the page and attracts visitor''s attention. Script is ideal for displaying long lists like hot news, events, slide shows et

tigra html text vertical horizontal scrolling cross browser dom dhtml ie netscape mozilla example download free

flash software

Amara News Ticker by Amara Software

Amara News Ticker creates horizontal and vertical Flash news tickers with text effects. This Flash news scroller lets you create impressive and professional Flash Tickers for your web site or Flash project.

flash news ticker xml. amara scroller animations amara templates text effects animated horizontal

flash software

Amara Flash News Ticker by Amara Software

Amara Flash News Ticker creates horizontal and vertical news tickers with text effects. This Flash news scroller lets you create impressive and professional Flash Tickers for your web site or Flash project.

flash animations templates effects dhtml animated javascript free website websites amara flash creates

rss feed software

RSS Feeds Scroller Converter by Vinasoft Plus

RSS Feed software help to convert your RSS Feed to scroller news ticker

rss feed rss feeds scroller converter xml


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