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braun software

NoteBook 2000 by Gregory Braun

NoteBook is a small program useful for keeping short notes and lists. The main window displays a table of contents built from the first line of each notebook page. Double-click on an entry in this table to display and edit the specific note.

braun notebook nbook nbook32 editor note notes list lists to-do email store notes to-do list easy reference

database software

DataPipe by Crystal Software

Advanced interactive search/replace directly in database tables with patterns, fuzzy and sounds-like matching,trim leading and trailing blanks and binary characters,correct capitalization,code your own transform in VBScript or JScript and heaps more!

database data search replace search and replace find and replace advanced search and replace grep windows global search and replace sed search and replace windows utilities freeware downloads grep grep pattern egrep installed applications

windows software

12Ghosts ShellX by 12Ghosts Inc.

Add new commands to the right-click menu of files and folders. Copy path to clipboard, new subfolder, show file properties, DOS prompt here, integrated shredder, file compression, search and replace in folders, and change the date and time of files.

windows utilities tools powertoys add new commands right-click menu files folders

rename software

THE Rename by Hervé Thouzard

Rename files and folders, pictures with their width and height and EXIF tags. Rename MP3, VQF, OGG and WMA files. Possbility to export tags from musical and pictures files. Rename files with regular expressions.

rename files windows mp3 exif multimedia pictures folders freeware program rename files folders multimedia files options

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