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net search tool software

iSearch.Net by Vanward

iSearch.Net is a powerful information search and management tool for Windows on PC; LAN and Internet. Many practical and cool functions make the work more effective and convenient. Have a try, and you 'll love it!

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mp3 software

Free Mp3 Finder by Cequal Software

With 25 build-in Mp3 Search Engines , Free Mp3 Finder could provide you more than 1,000,000 free mp3 files. Just input a keyword , I would help you find out the mp3 URLs validate and download them freely.I could also manage local mp3 files easily.

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net search software

NetworkSearcher by BGSoft

Search files across your LAN. NetworkSearcher is a powerful search tool for you local area network. Find any files (e.g. mp3, avi, etc.) on all selected computers in your network or local disk in minutes.

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