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asp software

ASP Search Engine by Educe Software

ASP Search Engine for IIS with remote customisation tools. This search engine provides full indexing and search facilities for any web site either on the Internet or an Intranet. An online demonstration is available.

asp search engine utility shareware software remote customise look find word asp catalogue web site store data access database search pages

e-commerce software

MyStore by ImagineNation Inc

For only $99.00 you can now own a Lite version of the very popular MyStore3 e-commerce storefront software. Still full featured, this is a self contained storefront that can be hosted anywhere and is fully ready for credit card processing.

e-commerce storefront shopping cart mystore storefronts full featured run anywhere

online software

Screenbook Maker by JSL Corporation

Screenbook Maker is free software that allows you to create, publish and print your own Screenbooks - and much more. A Screenbook is a web-based picture book that demonstrates via screenshots and text how to use a computer application.

online computer tutorial easily create uniquely effective online tutorials

spy software

SpySites by Camtech 2000

SpySites includes a database of over 1,500 known Spy/Sleaze sites and guides you through the simple process of including them in Internet Explorer's Restricted Zone and setting policies to prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC.

spy anti-spy spyware spyware removal cookies hijack start page home page trojans stop web sites installing spyware sleazeware cookies pc

spy software

SpySites Plus by Camtech 2000

SpySites Plus includes a database of over 1,500 known Spy/Sleaze sites and will automatically add them and any other site you choose to the Restricted Zone "On the Fly" and prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC.

spy anti-spy spyware spyware removal cookies hijack start page home page trojans scan spysites plus includes database over 1 500 known spy sleaze sites

web database software

Webdata Pro by Webteacher Software, LLC

Easily create relational databases online. Interface provides the admin a point-and-click path through: building tables; designing search pages, reports and forms; managing records; and defining member accounts. Customize w/ any HTML editor.

web database mysql relational online database easy manage mysql tables pics design browser easy admin programming

liquid surf software

Liquid Surf by Portrait Displays Inc

Liquid Surf adds a custom toolbar to IE6 to unlock the power of your web browser! Scale both text AND graphics. View 2 web pages at once and cross link between them. Thread 1 long page between 2 windows for less scrolling. Dynamic content management.

liquid surf portrait displays browser scale size high resolution multiple extended performance scale text graphics view multiple web pages link across windows ie6

registry software

RegKey Backup by Camtech 2000

CT RegKey Backup is a handy utility for making backups of Registry keys and their sub keys. While it is not a Registry Editor it is an easy to use utility that restores keys that have been modified by programs or web sites.

registry key keys backup regkey backup handy utility backing restoring registry keys

ezsurfer software

EZSurfer by

Get all the best bits of the Internet in one place, with this free powerful browsing companion, that saves you time! EZSurfer will bring up to the minute world news, weather & stocks update as well as sports news, music, live radio & tv stations.

ezsurfer portal free new easy web browser fast interface magazine news radio tv moviews live music

web search software

Seruku Toolbar for Internet Explorer by Seruku

Seruku Toolbar for Internet Explorer gives you the ability to do keyword and time-based search against pages you've already visited. If you've ever tried to find a web page you saw last week (and failed) this is for you. Don't lose a web page again!

web search personal web search find old web pages old web pages personalized search toolbar internet utility keyword time-based search pages youve already visited


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