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Ah-Chu Toolbar by Ah-Chu Search

Ah-Chu Search toolbar provides many features all aimed to enrich your surfing experience. These include Easy Fast Search Box, Free Popup Blocker, Zoom, Email, Search Selector for higlighting keywords, all this in one free toolbar.

toolbar popup blocker free toolbar search selector zoom freeware popup toolbar ah-chu search toolbar popup blocker zoom email search selector

ad-stopper software

SoftSearch Toolbar by SoftSearch

MS IE quick search toolbar for software search on four download sites:,, & WebAttack. Pop-up blocking supported. Your search query can be limited to a software category, OS, program name and description.

ad-stopper ad-blocker ad-killer ad-filter popup killer toolbar search explorer browser msie pop-up stopper pop-up blocker pop-up filter kostenlos gratuit suche recherche

search software

Software Search Toolbar by

Software Search - software and screensavers search directly from browser with 2 click. Software Search toolbar helps to find software and screensavers fast and easy. You are directed to results without splash and title pages.

search software toolbar fast direct access software screensavers search 2 click directly computer

search software

Arrow Search by RT Software

Search the top search engines simultaneously. Fast, easy-to-use and free. Removes duplicate results across search engines. Features a built-in browser, automatic updates of search engines and Arrow Search Toolbar for IE. Full help is included.

search meta meta search metasearch free freeware software program programs engine engines search engine search engines simultaneously desktop tool tools utility utilities web internet

toolbar software

etcetera: Search Toolbar by Pkp Software

Search any website and kill popups with this powerful search toolbar. With etcetera, you can search hundreds of websites or add your own through a wizard. etcetera is the most powerful search toolbar and popup killer software available.

toolbar popup popups search submit form explorer browser internet etcetera search website kill popups powerful search toolbar

search toolbar software

Search Toolbar by Search Toolbar

Search ToolBar is shareware for Internet Explorer for searching multiple web search engines, auctions, movies, daily news; with a pop up ad killer, form filler, mp3 player, email checker, program launcher, program launcher, and more.

undiscovered search pop up killer form filler mp3 player favorites search bookmark search news email checker search toolbar internet explorer multi search pop killer mp3 player

internet software

AimAtSite IE Toolbar by AimingTech Company

AimAtSite IE Toolbar is a complete search solution for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows XP or Windows 2000. The toolbar provides high performance History search, Favorites search, Current page search and other functionality.

internet explorer toolbar history favorites web search tool add-on aimatsite smart search toolbar microsoft internet explorer

groowe software

Groowe Search Toolbar by Groowe

Search and browse Google, Yahoo, Altavista and other search engines directly from your browser's toolbar. Toolbar is customized for each search engine included in the list so with each engine you will have unique experience.

groowe internet explorer google toolbar yahoo companion altavista msn search microsoft browser plugin toolband directory browsing categories download job search monster freeware shareware adware

web search software

Seruku Toolbar for Internet Explorer by Seruku

Seruku Toolbar for Internet Explorer gives you the ability to do keyword and time-based search against pages you've already visited. If you've ever tried to find a web page you saw last week (and failed) this is for you. Don't lose a web page again!

web search personal web search find old web pages old web pages personalized search toolbar internet utility keyword time-based search pages youve already visited

search software

Dogpile Toolbar by InfoSpace, Inc.

The Free Dogpile Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads.

search toolbar popup blocker free dogpile toolbar serves both way get information easily


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