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xizzo software

Xizzo by, Inc.

Xizzo is a secure password manager that protects data with enhanced Blowfish encryption. Xizzo's features include a user-friendly interface, an auto-logout feature for if you leave your computer, a customizable password generator, and much more.

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passwords management software

Secure Password Manager by SecureKit, Inc.

Secure Password Manager is a desktop utility that spares you the trouble of filling in your logins, passwords, and other personal data manually.

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passwords software

iNeeda Password & Tracker by MsjSoftware

iNeeda Password & Tracker is a highly secure password generator and tracking program to keep track of all your passwords, user names, and descriptions in categories that you create. Use the generator to generate an array of different style passwords.

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password software

Password Fortress by Dunning Software

Password Fortress is a secure password and private information management tool. You never have to worry about forgetting passwords or losing registration keys again. Password Fortress manages all your private information in a single application.

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password manager software

Easy Password Manager by Polygon Enterprises

Easy Password Manager is a secure password management system that allows One-Click login to many Internet accounts. A single Master Password gives access to all the contained data. An integrated Form Filler automates the filling in of web forms.

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password software

Password Architect by Dunning Software

Password Architect helps you generate secure passwords that very difficult to guess or crack. Whether you're a home user or a network administrator, you'll find this is the tool you need to take the guesswork out of creating secure passwords.

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password manager software

Big Crocodile by SOW

Big Crocodile is a powerful, secure password manager. Storage of all your passwords, logins and hyperlinks in a securely encrypted file. Password folders, password generator, auto-entry, backup, search, export and other features.

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