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image software

Bmp2PDF Pilot by Two Pilots

Batch conversion utility that converts BMP files to PDF. You can set security settings for generated PDF, document information. You are able to preview images and set page order.

pdf batch image bmp conversion convert utility

image software

Tiff2PDF Pilot by Two Pilots

Batch conversion utility that converts TIFF files (including multi-page images) to PDF. You can set security settings for generated PDF, document information. You are able to preview images and set page order.

conversion batch converts utility pdf convert multi-page images tiff image batch multipage tiff conversion pdf

internet connection sharing software

SolidShare Analyzer by Lijun Qin

SolidShare Analyzer can parse the log files generated by solidshare, generate report on bandwidth utilization and possible security problems use both graphical and text formation.

analyzer firewall router internet security proxy server software internet connection sharing firewall modem sharing proxy netwok security firewall analyzer shared router software share internet sharing

pad software

Advanced Security Tool - AST by PatilanSoft

Advanced Security Tool-AST is an awards winning security system for Windows. It includes: password generator, encrypted pad, password manager and a special "trojan preventing" mechanism.

cipher logins manager anti secret password encrypted note pad keylogger note-book password encrypted manager keylogger generator

web security software

Internet Security Tweak by 1st Security Software Center

Internet Security Tweak is an utility that customizes different features of the Internet Explorer Web browser. It lets you disable many IE Browser features (menu items,toolbar,etc.).

explorer security ie security usage web internet explorer security web web browser powerful browser security tool web security pc enhance internet explorer security

email software

Mail Tracking by eMailTracking Inc

Certified email with delivery receipts, silent tracking, proof-of-opening history, security and timestamps. Users get free return email notifications when email they've sent gets opened, and can track their emails reading history

notification receipt confirm email tracking certified reading read history disposition registered

panda software

Panda EnterpriSecure with TruPrevent Technologies by Panda Software

Technologies is the ideal security solution for companies that need global protection for every computer across the network, from workstations and email systems to gateways and perimeter servers

malware phishing corporate solutions firewall security spyware companies antivirus need pips proactive solution ideal global security protection

folder software

Folder Password Expert USB by ZQS Software Team

Folder Password Expert USB is security software designed to protect your folders against unwanted access to their contents. You can install the program on your PC, laptop, USB drive, external or removable drives.

usb password protection protect lock designed expert software folders protect password folder folder security

security software

Smartalec Internet Security Suite 2004 by Smartalec Software

Smartalec Internet Security Suite 2004 is designed to provide your computer with quinessential protection against deadly worms, viruses, hackers, and other forms of network threats and nuisances.

network worm protection stop firewall web security threats filter against several security suite designed spam hacker

protoport software

Protoport Personal Firewall by SoftCab Inc

ProtoPort Personal Firewall is powerful security utility that monitors all network traffic. Network packets are passed or blocked according to rules.

personal protoport firewall protoport firewall hackers program is stop firewall small small small personal is powerful


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