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flamenco software

Flamenco Metronome Compas for Win by Flamenco Guitar Pubs Graf-Martinez

Flamenco is a structured music with many stiles - but whose mechanisms may be learned. With the software created by the award winning Flamenco author Graf-Martinez the seemingly difficult rhythms will suddenly become comprehensible and transparent.

flamenco metronome guitar compas beats rhythm count

arkanoid software

WreckerBall: Dream by Glinkie Games Inc.

Discover the mystery that links three seemingly unrelated themes, as you smash your way through this unique story-driven Arkanoid/Pinball hybrid action game. Local and internet based high score system lets you compete for the world''s highest score.

arkanoid pinball fun arcade action

secret software

Secret Media by Direct Logic Systems

Hide secret messages in graphics & audio files, jpg, mp3, wma, etc. Secret Media uses a specialized technique of hiding information by embedding messages within other, seemingly harmless media files. It works by embedding invisible bits of data.

secret hidden messages text image picture jpg mp3 wma audio

ebook software

Paradox by E-dition

This ebook contains logic puzzles and brainteasers accumulated over the years from books, via the Internet and from friends and strangers.It will stimulate the lazy mind and give the reader a sense of self satisfaction after the puzzle is solved.

ebook games logic puzzles riddles brainteasers maths solve impossible logic puzzles brainteasers riddles

game software

VMCoolumns by AxySoft

VMCoolumns is an original, new type of logic game. The game has simple and absolutely clear gameplay. You will find five entertaining episodes and a set of various and progressively more difficult skill levels.

game puzzle shareware windows pc strategy logic nonviolent vmcoolumns vmcolumns coolumns columns lines axysoft vmgames madgazin

spot the difference software

Spot the Diff 2 by Ron Marie Services

Spot the Diff' is a fun program that will have you putting your eyes to the test. You have 2 almost identical pictures in front of you - can you find the differences? Slick interface with cool, bright and fun images!

spot the difference photo hunt y2k photo spotit pen and pencil games photo play cool fun exciting arcade-style spot difference game

dweebs software

DWEEBS 2: The New Breed DEMO by Mutation Software

Mutation, the original creators and developers of Dweebs; now bring you those super cute furry dudes in this sequel... Dweebs 2: The New Breed !.

dweebs dweebs2 the new breed mutation software pc games platform puzzle new sequel original dweebs mutation software

clever boxman software

Clever BoxMan by 8848soft inc.

Clever Box Man is a fun logic and strategy puzzle board game, it's a brain teaser featuring the clever porter Box Man, it has beautiful sceneries, orphan background music and sound.

clever boxman boxman download game boxman kid game of boxman boxman game puzzle puzzle game online logic puzzle game boxman puzzle game boxman education game of boxman online board game clever box man fun logic strategy puzzle board game

artificial software

Artificial Technician by Overtech Technologies

Answer a few simple questions in plain english and Artificial Technician will scour the internet looking for solutions to your problem. If it doesn't get the correct solution the first time, you will be linked to other possible solutions. Try it!

artificial intelligence ai help tech support google search help me program answer question have problem answer few questions have computer give solutions

puzzle software

Mood Meeps by Stuart Swain

Meeps are cute little creatures that unfortunately are rather prone to chronic mood swings. Can you clear them from the playing field? Ignore them and they'll get lonely... or jealous... maybe even angry... just don't let them turn EVIL!

puzzle puzzles windows games strategy meeps mood meeps mood games mood game original unique puzzle game based moody creatures called meeps


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