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collect email software

GSA Email Spider by GSA

Collect and compile e-mails, phone and fax numbers from the websites around the world using the keywords you enter for. The program will spider, grab, crawl, rip, harvest, extract and parse for the e-mails and can also automatically send them out.

collect email gather email serialmails e-mail-marketing e-marketing emarketing e-mail marketing email crawl email crawler email marketing email-marketing email extract email finder email grab email grabber email parser

document software

FlexWindow Enterprise Server by FlexWindow

Have you ever wished updating your web site were as easy as, say, sending an e-mail? With FlexWindow it is. FlexWindow Enterprise Server converts your e-mail content and puts it on your web site as web content.

document cms update email flexwindow

inetalertview software

INetAlertView by ClearVision Software

INetAlertView webcam security program - Detects motion and records videos that are viewable over the internet from anywhere. Great for live surveillance. Monitor your home, business, children, or pets from remote locatio. Free 30 day trial download.

inetalertview webcam security surveillance internet cam motion detection detected monitor video web remote business home children daycare pets alarm vacation camera

reminder software

Unforgettable! for things you don't want ever to forget by Gioulekas "fagoSaurosS" Vassilios

You can place reminders/alarms for specific dates/time or schedule them for regular repeats (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

reminder alarm schedule task play sound send an e-mail run a program shutdown restart log off daily weekly montly yearly unforgettable reminds about important casual tasks

monitor software

Advanced Host Monitor by KS-Soft

HostMonitor is a system management tool that continuously monitors servers availability and performance. It has 52 test methods, 25 alert methods, highly flexible report and log manager. Package includes Log Analyzer, Web Service and other utilities.

monitor network monitor lan monitor host monitor ip monitor snmp monitor web monitor cpu monitor sql monitor advanced monitor tcp monitor file monitor services monitor database monitor award-winning network monitoring tool

firewall software

EasySec Firewall SDK by iTinySoft

EasySec Firewall SDK is a professional software kit for developing network firewall, sniffer or analyzer applications for Microsoft Windows.

firewall firewall sdk sdk personal firewall ndis driver ndis hook packet filter firewall sniffer packet sniffer tdi ndis analyser analyzer protocol winsock socket tcp-ip web download rpc programming tcp udp

email software

Minimail by Pawsoft

Free, Compact, Simple and Fast SMTP E-mail program. Ever wanted to quickly send an e-mail without opening Outlook? This is the answer - with multiple accounts, logging, default mail client option and file attachments, what more do you need?

email smtp client mailto small simple tray e-mail mail quick authentication file attachments signatures logging font settings free multiple accounts

flexwindow software

FlexWizard - Site management via e-mail by FlexWindow

Updating your web site can be as easy as sending an email. Simply define content areas (flexwindows) on your site. Then send an email with the content you want to appear in a particular flexwindow. The FlexWizard assists you in setting up the system.

flexwindow flex window update e-mail email mail website internet site cms management integrate service aps free basic simple easy professional business on-line online on line

logger software

Stealth Activity Reporter by Peter Zierl

This is a monitoring tool for both networked and personal PCs. It lets companies and individuals track use and abuse easily and invisibly using password-protected encrypted log files. You can deploy this tool using e-mail.

logger keylogger logs keystrokes visible logging remote deployment user name url log url internetsession passwords path names access times windows title active application monitor password protected encrypted textfile logfile backdatin

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