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email software

Nelson Email Organizer - NEO by Caelo Software Inc.

Put an end to 'email overload' with Nelson Email Organizer - NEO: Microsoft Outlook plug-in. Spot important emails in the daily flood. NEO automatically categorizes email messages from your correspondents separately from Bulk Mail, Ezines and Lists.

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dbf software

DBF-Desktop by Sendero Software

DBF Database Manager for managing DBF files such as Fox,Clipper and Hiper-Six

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email software

Email Announcer by Blind Bat Software

Email Announcer is a add-in for Microsoft Outlook. It announces incoming email, reminders, tasks, meeting requests, read receipts, and gives you the flexibility to customize several options to meet your needs.

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bulk software

Easy Mass Mailer by EasySoftMade Inc.

Easy mass mailer program. Best marketing tool for you. Fully integrated DNS and SMTP servers - you can focus on marketing, not on setting the tool!

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sendphotos software

SendPhotos Evaluation by Novatix Corporation

SendPhotos? makes sharing digital pictures and photos through email easy for everyone! This remarkable new product allows users of all skill levels to quickly create spectacular, fun and professional picture emails in just a few simple steps.

sendphotos send photos email picture share digital image novatix photo easiest fastest way email digital pictures

icq software

Mizo - ICQSMS Companion by Mizotec Software Solutions

Mizo - ICQSMS Companion allows you to send free SMS worldwide using ICQ's excellent SMS sending feature. Compose your SMS offline and send them to the Outbox, and send these SMS when you get online. Includes Address Book, History log, etc...

icq sms free global world wide message messaging im text short service mizo mizotec strip space squeeze language history log address book contacts non-icq outbox

mass mail software

Advanced Mass Sender by KBB Software, LLC

This mass email software employs multiple threads to send bulk emails for your customer relationship management. Support text, HTML, attachments, and subject rotation. Includes a free download.

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ipposter ipsender software

IPPoster by

IPPoster: Instant messages, instant leads! A new marketing revolution!Send your advertising message to millions of people instantly!Target your advertisement geographically!Advertising message on someone's screen, the second you send it!

ipposter ipsender ip advertisement instant messages ipsender instant messages instant leads advertising message someones screen

fax server software

fax@NET Server by ppedv AG

fax@NET Server receives fax messages (modem and ISDN) and sends them via SMTP to your mailaccount. You can send your faxes easily via the WebClient, the fax@NET Printer or programmatically via a TCP socket communication.

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information packaging software

Bmail by Information Packaging

BMail is a powerful, easy to use mailing list manager that allows you to run unlimited opt-in emailing lists. Send personally customized messages to your customers, subscribers or friends.

information packaging bmail bulk email email marketing opt in email bulk email software bulk email marketing opt email list manager sender


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